How To Prepare Your Guests For A Destination Wedding

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A destination wedding is lots of fun (with the right kind of planning, of course!) and we’re here to give you tips on how to ensure that your guests have a great time enjoying and celebrating with you at the secret destination. Here’s what you need to do:

Inform your near and dear ones

A destination wedding is one of those tricky topics to bring up- they are small intimate affairs which only very close family and friends attend. If your parents or your partner’s parents are paying for the wedding, then it’s only fair to let them know what you have in mind. In India, weddings are more of a community celebration and less of a family restricted ceremony and allowing the immediate family members know about the destination wedding plans gives them time to plan another party for which more people can be invited. Besides, everybody who is somebody to you, also has to ensure that their respective travel schedules can be kept free so that they can come to the wedding. In short, never surprise your family members with a pre-decided wedding date.

 Send out the invitations

A good way to make sure that you and your partner aren’t exactly celebrating the wedding all by yourselves is to make the destination wedding invitations and to send them out as early as possible. A good time to do so is after your wedding planner and you have finalised the venue and no, sending the invitation even 6 months earlier is not too early. Try not to confuse your guests by dishing out too much information either. Emailing the wedding date and the location (do not keep this a secret) with an assurance that more information will follow, is just fine. In fact, now is also a great time to set up your wedding website too. Just make sure you update it on a regular basis.

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Get the travel details right

Should you go with a group package or is booking individual tickets cheaper and better? We suggest going with a travel agent who can dedicate time to address the concerns of you and your fellow travellers. In fact, even if you have to pay a little extra for the services rendered, asking your travel agent to create zip files which can be emailed to each of your guest depending upon location is an idea that will instantly put your guests at ease and also save you the trouble of making individual travel arrangements for your guests on your own. Here’s what your agent needs to put down-

  • The location of the destination and date of the wedding.
  • The names of the airports from which flights to the destination wedding location are available.
  • Airline names, flight departure timings and connecting flight details if any.
  • Approximate duration of travel.
  • If there are alternate means of transport facilities available like buses, trains or rental cars, they should be listed too.
  • Accommodation arrangement details at the wedding venue or at any other chosen hotel.
  • Rates and tariffs of rooms. Any special discounts which will be given should also be mentioned.
  • A tentative itinerary about your wedding ceremony and reception details. Any other parties to which the guests are invited to, should also be highlighted.
  • Mention of a wedding theme would be appreciated and specific dress code if any should also be mentioned.
  • RSVP details as well as the contact details of the bride, groom and immediate family members.

It would be best if this information was emailed individually to each guest at least 2 weeks before they depart for your destination wedding. If there are any changes to your itinerary, it’s best to let your guests know at least one week before they make the trip. Why not add a fun quotient by putting in suggestions for their wardrobe and adding travel trivia too?

 A Welcome kit

Isn’t it nice to get a surprise goody bag that’s been put together with lots of love and attention to detail? There are so many things you can add to a goody bag besides toiletries. Think local maps, gift coupons, mints, chocolates, little snack packs and a nice welcome letter. Besides a note saying how happy you are to have your guests around, you should also include tips and details on the facilities available for travel, general safety, emergency phone numbers and even the number of the resort or hotel they will be staying in.

We hope you have lots of fun and memories putting together your destination wedding.

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