Pros And Cons of Destination Wedding In The Holiday Season

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Christmas is just around the corner and you’ve always wanted a destination wedding with just a few select friends and family members on the guest list. Planning a destination wedding just when it’s holiday season sounds very feasible but before you jump into making any reservations, it’s important that you know about the pros and cons of doing so:


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Here’s why a destination wedding in the holiday season may not be that great an idea:

  • Unless you made your reservations months back and got a great deal, the holiday season usually means a steep rise in rates with regard to the hospitality industry. If you are footing the accommodation bill for your guests, you can expect to pay a lot more now than you otherwise would during the off tourist season.
  • It’s also quite possible that your guests may already have other plans for the holiday season and travelling to another country to attend your wedding may not really feature on their list. When your guest list is already quite small, the absence of just one or two people can make a big difference.
  • ‘Tis the season to be jolly and with cash registers ringing everywhere, there’s a good chance that even your wedding planner may take a vacation and say no to taking on your wedding. Besides, if you have chosen a much loved tourist spot for your destination wedding, expect huge crowds and slower than usual service.


Image Courtesy Anshu Vini photography

Here’s why a destination wedding in the holiday season is a good idea:

  • Getting married during the holidays means that your guests don’t have to apply for leave separately and can use their leave days for another time. In fact, if children are also invited to your wedding, then, a destination wedding during the holiday season means that they do not need to be absent from school at all. No doubt, this point will be a big plus for couples with children.
  • Who doesn’t like a vacation? If your destination wedding is planned in such a way so that every little detail is well taken care of, then it becomes a planned holiday. Besides, gathering the family around together at one location and getting to spend time with each other is a huge bonus.

One of the best ways to avoid this kind of a conflict is to personally get in touch with your guests and to ask them if they would be able to attend your wedding. Similarly, contact at least two resorts at the destination, make a note of their rates and ask them if their in-house wedding planner would be able to help you out with your wedding details. Making a well thought decision with regard to your destination wedding during the holiday season is important.

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