How to Take the Perfect Couple Selfie

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Love is in the air-and you ought to capture it before it starts fading away. How? By taking a selfie, of course! Yes, agree or not-the selfie has become an integral part of life these days. We cannot deny the joy of clicking our own pics with just the touch of a button or the wave of our hand. Different angles, looks, poses and filters…taking a selfie has never been easier. Most of us do not miss the opportunity of taking a selfie. And what better time to take one than when you are out with your better-half to be, celebrating some romantic post-Valentine’s Day moments? There has to be a selfie for every beautiful moment you spend together! So today our focus is on how to take the perfect couple selfie-read on for some important tips:

Tips to Take the Perfect Couple Selfie

A selfie is mostly about perfecting the pose and the angle, so we will give you some quick tips on the types of selfies first that are especially meant for couples. The next time you two are hanging out, or enjoying a holiday together or attending your BFF’s wedding,  try these poses for sure.

Types of Couple Selfie You Can Try

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1. Holding hands: Whether you are visiting the Taj Mahal or sipping cappuccino at a Starbucks, nothing can beat taking a couple-selfie holding hands. It might sound cheesy, but try it once and you will want to do it again and again.

2. Happy feet: Move on from selfies and click those cute feet instead. Imagine relaxing on a couch or enjoying the sea waves on a beach, the picture of your happy feet together is a must. Use some out-of-the-box thinking and get creative to show off your pedicure in style!

tips for a perfect couple selfie

3. A quick peck: Obnoxious for some, but endearing for most. Click a selfie as your partner gives a sweet peck on your cheek.

4. Piggy back ride: It’s pretty romantic of guys when they give their girlfriends piggy back ride. Why don’t you capture that sweet gesture with a selfie?

tips for a perfect couple selfie

5. Follow me: The Russian couple, Murad Osmann and Nataly Zakharova, have started this “Follow me” trend with a series of pictures where the woman is seen leading her partner to some of the world famous tourist spots including Taj Mahal. Take inspiration from Nataly and add your creative or funny touch to it.

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Some More Tips for Perfect Couple Selfie

Follow the rule of thirds: Frame it in a way that your faces are not exactly aligned at the centre. Shift a little right or left of the frame.

Mind the lighting: Make sure the light source is not right behind you two. If possible, use natural light to your advantage, but avoid too much exposure to bright sunlight as it could spoil the pic.

Don’t forget to smile: Because you don’t want to look grumpy together.

Click from top angles: To smartly hide the doublechins and look slimmer.

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