Indian Groom Series- Do’s For A Bachelor Party

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If the girls are going ahead with throwing a bridal shower for the bride, shouldn’t you, the best man or best pal of the groom also be planning a bachelor party? Bachelor parties are a fantastic way to get all the boys together and to have a great time, but how do you go about planning one? What are the do’s and don’ts that you should be aware of?


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Let’s begin with a short and sweet list of the do’s:


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DO discuss your ideas with the groom first. It’s assumed that since you are close to the groom, you would have a clear idea of what he would ideally approve of. Remember that although it is your responsibility to make sure that everybody has an awesome time; it is the groom’s night after all and his likes & dislikes should be given top priority.


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DO make a list of people to call. This is often the tricky part because you have to ensure that everybody who the groom expects to see at his bachelor party are actually invited! Some bachelor parties also include the older men folk of the groom’s family whereas some grooms prefer to keep the celebrations restricted to just his cousins, colleagues and other close friends.


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DO have a budget. It is a party for the groom after all and that means that all the other friends would be expected to pitch in. To decide on a budget, it’s best to be honest about how much each individual can actually afford to pitch in. Once the budget is in place, working out how to celebrate becomes easier.


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DO make a list of activities. What do you think the groom’s bachelor party should be like? What are the activities or things the groom would like to do on a night out with the close friends? Do bear in mind that not all grooms looks forward to a night of endless booze and partying. Some grooms actually prefer spending some quality time together with friends and visiting a new place together or even trying something adventurous.


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We bet you’ve never heard of a list of dont’s for a bachelor party but that’s exactly what’s coming up in our next article. Stay tuned!


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