Indian Groom Series: Formal Wedding Shoes

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Most grooms aren’t into shopping and prefer to keep putting off actual purchasing till the very last. While there’s a good chance you will be able to get ready-made off the shelf sherwanis, wedding suits or other bridegroom wedding attire, shoes are a completely different topics altogether.

First, there are many different styles available. Not to forget a variety of colours too. And then there are the little questions like would a laced shoe look better than an unlaced one. How should a groom decide which formal wedding shoe looks perfect on him? We list down three top options that can be purchased off the shelf or which can be customized for the perfect fit.



formal wedding shoeindian groom footwear

Oxford: The one characteristic that stands out with regard to Oxford shoes is the ‘closed lacing’ feature which enhances its overall appearance. Hold an Oxford shoe in your hand you’ll understand why this is such a popular formal wedding shoe choice for grooms all over the world. Besides, its sharp and formal appearance, it’s such a classic that can be worn for any important occasion which demands that you look your best.




Groom footwearIndian groom shoes

Monk: Contrary to its name, monks throughout history have never been spotted wearing one of these! But herein lies its beauty- you don’t have to deal with messy laces and worrying about whether your shoes are undone at any stage of the ceremony and secondly, this is the formal wedding shoe to opt for if you have wide feet. Thanks to the buckles on the side of each shoe which are adjustable, monk shoes are a serious blessing for grooms who often have to squeeze into footwear that pinches. Pick a dark shade and you’ll be ready to say your vows in style.




Indian wedding shoesIndian wedding footwear

Loafer: All men are likely to have at least one pair of loafers in their shoe cabinets. Considering that they are slip-on footwear minus both laces and buckles, it’s no surprise that they are often hailed as the most comfortable formal footwear one can wear. However do be warned- there are many styles available and not all of them have a classy formal look either. We suggest wearing your wedding suit and then picking out your formal wedding shoes to avoid looking like you’re going out for a casual dinner with the boys.


Got any more formal wedding shoe ideas we may not have thought of? Write in and share your views with us.


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