Footwear Ideas For Indian Grooms!

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‘Shoes maketh a man’ as the old saying goes and we couldn’t agree more. On your wedding day, it’s important to pay attention to your entire look as opposed to only your wedding garments. Believe it or not, the footwear you choose can help to complete your attire and add a dash of glamour too. In this two part article, we take a look at a few outstanding footwear options for the modern Indian groom:



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Mojaris: A favourite with Indian grooms from all four corners of the country, mojaris are believed to have been worn by Mughal royalty for centuries. However, the only difference between the mojaris worn then and now lies in the materials that were used and of course, in the craftsmanship. The Mughals proudly strutted about in mojaris that had real gold, silver and precious gems whereas the mojaris that one can purchase today carries other artificial embellishments. So why are mojaris much sought after? Well, Indian grooms can choose from comfortable footwear that is either pointed or round (round toe or small toe) and they are also available in so many shades and designs.  We recommend going with a pair that neatly contrasts the colour of your sherwani or kurta pyjama.



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Jootis: Also, believed to have been first handcrafted in the Mughal era, the humble jooti actually referred to a closed leather shoe. However, today the very word means ‘shoes’ in the Hindi language. Jootis and mojaris are quite similar in appearance except for the fact that mojaris are open in the back and jootis on the other hand, are closed. They are also made with real buffalo, cow or camel leather soles and can have either textile or leather on the upper side of the shoe. Jootis in particular can be spotted by their unique combination of multiple coloured threads, patterns and thread work which are very striking in appearance. In fact, metal, silk and wool embroidery are often used as well. Pick up a pair of jootis which havemultiple coloured threads if your Indian wedding wear is a simple one, for a really smart look. On the other hand, if there is already ample embroidery and embellishment work on your ensemble; go with a pair of jootis in a single shade and with minimal work.|||||

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