Keeping Kids Entertained At Weddings- Here’s How

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They are the little guests who add a high fun quotient to a wedding and yet we just can’t help but wish that they would play ‘less loudly’ or sit still for 5 minutes a stretch. Yes, children can be a real handful at weddings but that doesn’t mean that you cant have your perfect wedding either! In fact, we’ve noticed that most wedding planners these days take children into account as well when they plan various entertainment programmes. Here are a few great creative ways to keep the kids entertained for long, as you say your vows:


Have a hired entertainer- Children love magicians, clowns and basically any colourfully dressed entertainer who can whip up never seen before magic tricks, tell jokes that make them laugh and keep them busy. The big plus of having someone on hire is that you don’t need to worry about checking in on the little ones every now and then either. You have complete freedom to mingle around with the invited guests while letting them feel assured that their children are in safe hands and are enjoying themselves too. However, it is advisable to do a full background check on the entertainer and to hire a professional who has a credible reputation. Many event management firms have their own in-house entertainers as well as tie-ups with other freelancers. Your wedding planner would be the right person to help you in this regard.


Host a kids only theme party- Remember how you used to love dressing up and having fun as a child? Well, these days’ theme parties are the current favourite and with a trending kids theme, there’s no way they’ll get bored. You could include a separate kids only party invitation along with your wedding invitation card for the little ones. Besides this, you could also give them the option of dressing up according to the theme when they arrive at your wedding or you could make alternate accessory and costume arrangements for them to wear at the venue itself. Games, mini contests and even snacks arranged keeping the theme in mind are certain to keep them smiling and happy for hours. Don’t forget to send each child back with a filled-to-the-brim goody bag too!

We’ve got a few more great ideas for you to keep kids entertained at your wedding which we’ll share in our next article. So stay tuned!

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