India's Wedding Blog – Page 252 – Exploring Indian Wedding Trends

How to Select the Right Wedding Jewellery

By It goes without saying that wedding attire is one of the most crucial decisions for the would-be-bride. Once you have decided your wedding dress, it’s time...

How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer

Wedding happens once in lifetime, but usually wedding shopping list for women repeats with every friend’s, cousin’s or neighbor’s wedding!

Importance of Flowers in Bridal Look

Flowers form an integral part of the bridal look. An Indian bride can never look complete if she adorns herself without beautiful flowers.

Different Saree Draping Ideas

The beauty of a woman is best enhanced when she wears a sari.

Pre-Wedding Bells- Let Them Chime Louder!

You are a grown up girl now and finally the time has come to enter another phase of your life: Marriage.

Real Honeymoons: Guatemala & Belize

Newlyweds Michelle and Eoin decided a relaxing honeymoon by the beach wasn’t for them and instead took the backpacking and scuba diving route through Guatemala and the Belizean...

Where’s Your Wedding Shopping List?

Your wedding is one of those special moments of your life that you cherish all-time.