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Brides are generally meant to take greater care of their looks, jewellery and attire during the wedding. Grooms are supposed to just wear their outfit , comb their hair, spray on a bit of perfume and (preferably) shave for  the day. But this is the past: modern Indian groom is as conscious of his looks as the bride. He knows that his looks are also important- when he is sure that he would be greeting an elegant and stunning bride by his side, it becomes imperative for him to be equally well-dressed .

Here, are a few perfect indian groom accessories which Indian grooms must consider for their wedding day:

Skin care and grooming: Indian weddings are a grand affair, so groom must take care of his skin and diet to look handsome and fit on the big day. Now-a-days there are many beauty parlours/salons and spas especially for men. Get an appointment at a good salon before the wedding day for some facial treatments and grooming sessions.

Apart from shaving, one could indulge in things like threading and  waxing too. One must also keep in mind about the right diet restrictions to keep the face looking younger and acne-free. Drink lots of water and avoid junk foods before the wedding day . It depends on groom if he wants a bit of natural or neutral makeup.


Hair style: Grooms can check out the latest hairstyle trends for their wedding. They too need a hair stylist for the occasion. But if one wears a turban(head gear) then there’s no need for any styling.


Indian wedding attire trends: The most important thing for a modern groom is to know the latest trends in Indian wedding attire for them. In the whole marriage the center of attraction will be bride and bride groom. So, he must pay equal attention to his look by following the ‘in things’ to be perfect with his beautiful bride’s attire.Wedding attires like Sherwanis, Jodhpuri suits, and Formal suits come in a lot of designs and styles these days. Sherwanis are the preferred choice and they come with different embroidery styles stitched on it using gold or silver threads. Always go for a wedding suit that goes with your personality and fits well and makes you comfortable.


Accessories: Yes, you read it right! Accessories are as important for groom as they are for bride. Even though the options for grooms are much less than brides, perfect accessories  make a great difference in the entire look of the groom. The accessories most grooms choose are head gear, stole, foot wear and last but not the least jewellery such as bracelets, long chains made up of gold, pearls and precious stones, gold rings, cufflinks, brooches. If a Sherwani (which is the popular style at present) is your choice, then most of the accessories should be able to match one’s complete look. The Rajasthani head gear which comes in bright colors is opted by many grooms for its royal look. These are made from different fabrics like silk and brocade and embellished with “pearls” and “zardozi”. Sehra is the veil tied on the “Pagri”(head gear).


Bandhani or tie and die dupattas/stoles are in fashion these days. There are different ways of draping a dupatta and the most popular way to drape it is over your left shoulder, take it backwards and then drape it over your right arm. This must match with groom’s sherwani so that it doesn’t look odd. Indian ethnic look will be incomplete without “Punjabi jutis”, “mojris” or the “Kolhapuri chappals”.The embellishments on juthis may be in the form of embroidery or stones. Grooms from some regions even carry sword as a symbol of royalty.

Indian groom footwear

As we expect the Bride to appear as her Groom’s “Queen” , same is true for the Groom, he should be the “King” on this very special day of  his  life.


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