Marrying in Goa: An Overview of Goa Destination Wedding

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Why opt for Goa destination wedding?

Goa has everything: romantic beaches, beautiful Churches and temples, four and five star resorts and, both, rustic and glamorous possibilities to choose from. And mistake not: Goa is not just about the beaches. Did you know that it houses the miraculously un-decomposed remains of St. Francis? Or that it hosts India’s only floating casino Caravela at the Panajim harbour? We think it is hard to find another more interesting place in the country to tie the knot in. Goa makes a great place for an interesting and memorable pre wedding and wedding photography shoot. As a wedding destination, Goa stands out. Visit our wedding photographers in Goa section to hire a photographer.

Romance on beach

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Dos and don’ts for marrying in Goa

Goa destination wedding can be held anytime of the year, but you would probably want to get married in the cooler months between October and February when the weather is dry and pleasant. It is important to start your Goa destination wedding preparations at least a year in advance. Do not try to arrange the wedding by yourself; do consider retaining a local wedding planner. Do not hire the first one you meet online but consider a few options before choosing one.

The legal preparations

Church, 5 star beach resorts or banquet halls- there are options aplenty when it comes to selecting wedding venues in Goa. In any case, you would need to handle the paperwork, be it arranging the legal documents which, most expert planners recommend taking care of in your own country. For Catholic Church weddings, the Parish priest should give a No Objection certificate to the couple. Additionally, a Letter of Intent to marry and Baptism/Confirmation certificates may also be required. The Hindu Marriage Act also requires Hindu couples to solemnize their marriage before a registrar after a traditional ceremony.

Adding local flavours to your Goa destination wedding

Local food in Goa

Goan wines, sea food, curries are all famous throughout the world. You can add these to your wedding menu or serve guests with coconut water and/or shrimp cocktails as starters for introducing regional flavours. Table settings can be named after Goan towns and guests can receive their place seating cards with these names. Naturally, with the help of local event managers or wedding planners from Goa, brides can even arrive in a colourful Indian palanquin or doli for making a grand entrance. Ghoris (or decorate wedding horses) can be arranged for the groom. If that is overly dramatic, you can always choose a vintage car, a limousine or other contemporary modes of entry. Click here for options in Goa decorator companies.

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