Plus Sized Dressing Tips

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It’s a myth that Indian wear only looks good on petite and slim people and makes plus sized women look bulky. Irrespective of whether you opt for Indian or Western wear, looking good and feeling sexy has to do with a number of other important factors besides just the style of the garment. So, yes, you too can look good in plus sized clothing just by keeping these few tips in mind:


Choose your Indian wear carefully: Stylish garments like ghagra cholis and lehengas look fabulous on a fit body but may highlight problem areas for plus sized women. Sarees and salwar kameezes are still the most popular type of Indian wear preferred by women across the country because this simple drape can camouflage problem areas beautifully. There are so many ways to wear a saree so choose a draping style that suits your figure, build and height.



The fabric matters: Many Indian women still go by the ‘look’ of a garment rather than by how they actually look in it. Anything that looks striking on a window store mannequin need not necessarily look just as good on you. Subtle fabrics like chiffon and georgette that cling to the body but which fall naturally are ideal for plus sized women, so avoid choosing fancy fabrics that add to your bulk. Remember that the right cut and fit is very important so custom made Indian wear is always a good option to consider.




Less Embroidery is more: Indian party wear has always been about designs that stand out and which catch the eye easily. However, large motifs, gaudy sequin work and heavy embellishments may not be the right kind of detailing for plus sized women. Choose smaller motifs and delicate embroidery which enhances the look of your Indian wear without overpowering it. Or, if you would prefer to go with a minimalistic look, then choose a maximum of two large designs on the body of your garment instead.




Play with colours: It’s been said that darker shades make plus sized women appear slimmer whereas other fashion experts claim that there is no such thing. Choice of colour is of course a very personal thing but it does not mean that you need to restrict yourself to wearing only dark shades throughout the day. What is more important however is that any shade you choose looks good on you and enhances your personality.




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