When To Reconsider A Marriage Proposal- Part 2

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In the second part of our article, we take a closer look at a few situations in which reconsidering a marriage proposal is the smartest thing to do:



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If he proposes just after a fight: As a couple, you may not agree with each other on everything, but don’t jump up and say ‘yes’, if he proposes marriage to you just after a fight. Nine times out of ten, this kind of a marriage proposal stems from a hidden insecurity that the relationship is falling apart or that you may walk out on him soon. Either way, it’s not a well- thought out decision on the part of your guy and if he is proposing just so that you cool down faster, take a step back and re-analyse the situation. It could save both of you heartbreak down the road.



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If all you wanted was just the ring: Most women won’t admit that deep down, they really do want to show off a sparkling engagement ring to friends and family. The reason why the ring is so important is because that’s the kind of status it’s attained over the years. A woman wearing a ring is often viewed with respect and it’s not uncommon to hear colleagues gossip ‘Wow, a guy is serious enough about her to make a commitment’. On the other hand, a woman in a steady relationship is often not taken seriously at all because she doesn’t wear a ring! This could lead to a lot of hidden pressure on a woman and she may even give many signals to her partner without realising what she is doing. It’s fine to let those around you know that you and your partner are matured enough to take things slow and that you will take the plunge when the moment is right. You both have a much better shot at creating your happily ever after when you think positively.



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If he is double or even triple dating on the sly: So, you were 100% serious about your man but you found out the hard way, that you were just one of the women on his mind. Let’s assume that you do confront him about this and that he apologizes to you and swears that he will never look at other women again. What do you do next? Yes, it’s admirable that your partner has owned up to his mistake (or maybe, habit?) but don’t let that be a reason for you to believe that he may never cheat on you again just because he proposed marriage as well. His proposal may just be an act to ensure that you don’t walk out on him. Give the relationship at least 6 months or more and then decide if you want to say yes to the marriage proposal.


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