Say Hello To Offbeat Grooms!

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There’s a new kind of groom that can be spotted enjoying himself at his own wedding, these days. This groom is as involved as the bride when it comes to wedding planning and is a fresh take on the traditional groom we’ve been seeing for years. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the offbeat groom turns his back on tradition- on the other hand, he does respect them. But let’s say that he isn’t afraid to show his hatke side every now and then.

So, how do you spot an offbeat groom? Well, we came across a few interesting trends:

Is Involved in Wedding Planning

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We’ve heard of umpteen stories where planning a wedding and all the preceding functions are preferably a bride to be’s job and not that of the groom’s. So, we’re saying a big hello to all those offbeat grooms who want to be as involved in the wedding planning as his bride to be. Yes, they aren’t shying away from talking about the kind of wedding spread they would like, the sort of music they want to be dance to or even talk about wedding décor. After all, it’s his wedding too!

Changes His Surname

offbeat grooms

Image courtesy Capturing Creatures

Yes, he actually doesn’t think twice about changing his surname to that of his wife’s and not asking his wife to forego hers for his. Surf the net and you’ll find plenty of instances where offbeat grooms in Europe and America have thought nothing of changing their surnames while their wives kept theirs. In India, so far to be fair, this isn’t trending as such but it’s so nice to know that grooms are willing to put a twist on what’s always been a time bound traditional Indian custom. Feminists would cheer and so do we!

Has a Flair For Colour

offbeat grooms

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There’s something about traditional Indian wedding palettes that can sometimes be quite unappetising. If you’re a bride to be who has never liked red, you may find that bright vermillion red is exactly the shade that you end up wearing on your wedding day, simply because red is supposed to be auspicious. Offbeat grooms of course are more than happy to say no to traditional beige and pastel coloured sherwanis and instead embrace a range of other colours. We’re talking pale pink, emerald green, floral prints and contemporary colour combinations. With noted designers like Anita Dongre and Sabyasachi being more than happy to welcome the offbeat groom, we don’t see this trend dying anytime soon.

Uses Interesting Cuts

offbeat grooms

Image courtesy Benzer World

So, we’re quite tired of seeing the same old men’s kurtas and sherwani styles doing the rounds. Not surprising then, that just as bridal trends are getting a much needed makeover, designers are putting their creative juices to the test by adding plenty of drama to grooms wear too. What have you then? Open printed colourful vests paired with a pastel kurta, pleated embroidered shawls attached to the kurta, eye-catching silhouette cuts and kurtas with cowls and pleats. We think that offbeat grooms aren’t shy to show that they too can rock a new look with perfect élan!

Takes His Fiancée Shopping

offbeat grooms

Image courtesy Rich Digital Colour Lab

Will the hunt for the perfect wedding gown or bridal lehenga just never end? Well, we think it’s really sweet of offbeat grooms to think nothing of taking their ladies shopping. Unofficially, we know that one of the topmost concerns that any bride to be has about what she eventually wears on the wedding day is whether the groom to be will find her pretty in it or not. Well, we think that if he is willing to wait patiently with you as you talk about your dream wedding ensemble, then he’s a groom for keeps!

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