Say No To Becoming A Groomzilla

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We promised to be back with more tips on how to avoid becoming a groomzilla and as a sequel to the first part of our article, here we go:


Most groomzillas have a problem with sticking to the pre-decided budget. The reason why they feel a 6 tiered cake in an elaborate design is a much better purchase than a 2 tiered one which would be appropriate for 100 guests is simply because to them anything to do with the wedding simply has to be bigger and better. ‘Bigger’ in wedding terminology unfortunately often does not translate to budget-friendly or low-cost expenses, and a groomzilla’s insistence at having the best in everything will lead to further tension and fatter bills. It’s important to remember that while having a dream wedding is by all means important, it is the essence of the journey that comes afterwards that really should matter. A wedding budget is important and sticking to it even more so.


Healthy competition is appreciated everywhere but unhealthy comparisons to the wedding ceremonies that other friends and relatives may have hosted is uncalled for. Everybody’s idea of the perfect wedding is different and that’s why wanting to have the grandest ceremony to outdo the neighbour is unnecessary. Groomzillas on the other hand tend to view a wedding reception as a symbol of one’s status and take having the best of everything very seriously. Often, the unavailability of certain demands can lead to frustration and heated arguments later, not to forget the overall stress that the families go through as well.


Groomzillas tend to be in the ‘wedding mode’ 24 hours a day. Besides, planning for every little detail at a fast pace, it’s quite common to see them watching movies that place weddings as the highlight over and over again, listening to romantic songs on loop and even surfing the internet for the best deals almost every day. In fact, many groomzillas have been known to splurge online on wedding decor, expensive designer wear and other wedding accessories and may even buy the same item in multiple quantities. The huge bills that need to be paid are often viewed as an investment and not as an expense.

Groomzillas also don’t mind letting go of their daily routines and may not even think twice about skipping workouts for months. On the flip side, actually practicing some form of physical fitness goes a long way in easing stress and will make a groom more relaxed too.

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