Six 2018 Summer Wedding Trends To Know About

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Summer is here and there are plenty of wonderful trends to take inspiration from for your 2018 summer wedding. So, if you’re wondering about what’s hot and what’s not, what’s in and what’s out, then here’s what you need to know:

1. Colour Is In

2018 summer weddings

Image courtesy Vows N Bliss

Gone are the days when couples couldn’t decide between colour palettes and would often have more than one palette for their wedding décor. The best way to highlight colour this season is by using just one bright shade to make a statement. It could be the deep purple- pink orchids placed on each table or brightly coloured linens used instead.

2. Music Arrangements

2018 summer wedding

Image courtesy Studio Viscom

It isn’t about having a DJ anymore at your 2018 summer wedding, rather it’s about having musical arrangements that are more personal and interactive. Couples could opt for a three musician band playing their favourite tunes or even have a live karaoke session. This kind of a more intimate setting works best when the audience is a small one too. Ballet performances and professional drummers are in demand too.

3. Fruit Carvings

2018 summer wedding

Image courtesy May Kaidee

Professional fruit carvings are back with a bang! We suggest using summer fruits and placing them on guest tables or just beside the buffet counters. Watermelons, pineapples and musk melons are popular fruit choices for this time of the year. You could also get a creative salad arrangement done as well.

4. Summer Cakes

2018 summer wedding

Image courtesy Abhishek Ghadi Photography

It’s summer and we think you should fully make use of the fact that the best produce is available right now. We love the idea of having a key lime cake, a strawberries and fresh cream cake or even vanilla cake with a citrus piping. Fruit based cakes are trending in a big way and we think your wedding guests will enjoy tasting a light dessert.

5. Healthy Smoothies/Drinks

2018 summer wedding

Image courtesy Clicksunlimited Photography

Weddings these days are putting a lot of emphasis on healthy eating. We think it’s a great idea then that green smoothie shots and whole fruit based drinks are trending at 2018 summer weddings. Ginger seems to be a favourite with Indians in general and it also works as a good appetizer before a meal.

6. Wedding Favours

2018 summer wedding

Image courtesy Vows N Bliss

Giving guests a keepsake that they will truly cherish is on our list of what’s trending this summer. Mini DIY kits, seeds that can be planted in one’s backyard, or even registering a wedding guest for volunteering service or with a charity. Eco green is the new mantra this year!

Main image courtesy The VIP Studio India

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