Style Tips For Skinny Grooms

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As a groom-to-be, your wedding day is bound to be the most remarkable day in your life. Everyone wants to look their best, and naturally, the wrong attire or accessory can spoil the entire look one might have chosen for the occasion. Selecting the right wedding attire for a groom with a lean body type can be a tricky task. In this guide, we are presenting a few style tips for skinny grooms-to-be:

  • Selection of shirt: A shirt with solid colors is perfect for all body types. Never choose a shirt with vertical stripes. It will make the body look spindle shaped and you will end up looking leaner.
  • Selection of Suit: Selection of suit material depends upon the theme of the wedding as well as the season. A custom made suit will do well in this regard.
  • Suit type: A three-piece suit with a vest looks great on a tall and thin body shape. Go in for a well-tailored vest that snugly fits your body to help make the chest appear broader. A vest also adds volume to the body especially if you choose one that is not the same colour as the jacket . A tuxedo with a satin finish can also create a neat and elegant appearance.
  • Colour: Colour of the suit will depend upon the theme and type of the wedding. If you are going for a beach wedding or wedding during the daylight go in for light colours. For an evening wedding or wedding in a lush venue, go for dark coloured suits.Skinny Groom attire
  • Pattern: Avoid low or V cut suits. Linen fabrics are best avoided in case of a lean body. Go for the other materials that are available. As stated before, avoid  vertical lines. Instead, opt for broad checks if you want to try something different.
  • Suit fit: Skinnier grooms should preferably opt for custom made suits. If you are going for off-the-rack suits, try to select one with shoulders that fits you the best. The sleeves must be long enough to end up just over your wrist bone. The sleeve of the coat must end one inch before the sleeve of the shirt. The upper pocket should lie just in front of the chest, not wrapping around the chest. Lower pockets must be at a height above the hips. The vent at the back of the coat must not be above the waistline. Pants should be of lighter colors and they must not be tight fitting. Regular fit pants will do just fine. Select pants that just reach the top of your shoes.

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  • Neckties:  Don’t opt for neckties in solid colours as this will enhance the lean look. Instead, choose  broad ties with slanted lines or check patterns.
  • Accessories: Your shoes must be of lower heels as high heels provide leaner look to the legs. A good pair of leather shoes is a good option to wear with tuxedos. A pair of matching regular shoes can be accessorized with regular suit. A stud set on your shirt will look great  for those who like jewelry. Cuff links can also be worn to add a statement.

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