Stylish Arabic Mehendi Designs

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Mehendi or henna is one of the most important parts of a bride’s solah singar on her special day.  This tradition is being followed from times immemorial but with the passage of time, different trends have evolved in application of bridal henna.

Arabic Mehendi Designs 1

Just a decade ago, most of the Indian brides prefered traditional intricate patterns of henna that comprise of fine lines. However, the latest designs have completely evolved and Arabic mehendi  designs have become quite popular. As the name suggests, Arabic mehendi designs have been adopted from Arabian countries and these designs have now become popular in North Africa, Middle East and South Asia.

Arabic Mehendi Design

The process of application of Arabic Mehendi is the same as traditional henna but these patterns are generally bigger as compared to the traditional patterns and consist of floral patterns, paisleys and curved lines along with a unique shading technique. Animal and human figures are not used in these patterns. Moreover, greater part of the skin is revealed through these patterns. As the lines are thicker, the stain is darker and lasts longer as compared to the traditional one.

Arabic henns designs

Another trend that has become popular is the use of gems, glitter and coloured patches in combination with the Arabian designs. This makes the design look even more beautiful.The coloured glitters may be selected to match with the colour of the bridal outfit.

Arabic Mehendi design 3

Here are some more stunning Arabic mehendi designs for hands and feet from our collection:

Arabic Mehendi Designs 2

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