10 Gift Ideas For Parents On Your Wedding Day

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They’ve looked after you all these years and taken care of every small and big event in your life. Now, that your wedding day is finally near, you would like to show your appreciation to them for all that they have done for you. So, as they celebrate your wedding with you and your partner, why not show them just how grateful you are for all that they have done for you? It doesn’t matter how much your gift costs; it’s the thought and love behind it that really matters. Of course, it does without saying that these gifting ideas are for both sets of parents:

Gift them a small holiday- it doesn’t have to be a foreign location and could just be at a resort nearby. By paying in advance for the trip, you also give both sets of parents a good chance to bond together. Plus, who doesn’t like a holiday?

Trees and plants make great gifting ideas and if both sets of parents have some garden space, then why not consider gifting a tree instead? Bonsai can last for years and although is expensive, is a touching gift to consider.

Customised handkerchiefs for both dad and mom, with your wedding date and a small note embroidered, is a lovely gifting idea. It doesn’t cost much and is small enough to be tucked into a purse or a coat whenever they go out.

Jewellery is a gifting idea we are quite certain that everybody will love. Think of getting a necklace or cufflink customised with the words ‘Love’, with your name or the initials of both your partner and you.

If you would like to gift them a photobook with plenty of candid photographs taken together with both families, then this needs to be planned well in advance. There’s nothing like well clicked photos to take a person down memory lane.

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While we’re on the subject of photographs, how about a memory book for your folks? This includes pictures taken of you and your family right from when you were a toddler. Considering that your parents are by your side as you saw your vows, a photobook with lovely memories captured over the years is a touching sentimental gifting idea to consider.

Wooden boxes have been proven to stand the test of time and you can get a professional to carve the name of the person you are giving to as well as a small message inside the box. These boxes can be used to store so many keepsakes.

A wedding is stressful for everyone and the best way to help them unwind is by booking a retreat or a rejuvenating spa session for them. Nothing like being pampered and soaking your feet after so many hours of hard work and socialising.

Gift them a framed photograph taken on the wedding day itself in an ornate photo frame. The ideal click should be a candid photograph or a special moment captured just between a parent and you. Or you could also use a throwback photograph from their wedding day and place it next to yours in the frame.

Is there a concert or a game that you know both sets of parents would give anything to go to? Well, then how about gifting them surprise tickets so that they have a great time together?

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