The Tricky World of Wedding Registry

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The concept of wedding registry is still very new and often a questionable idea in India. Unlike in the West, to-be-couples here still tend to consider it rude to ask for a gift in advance from their wedding guests. However, things are a-changing! Wedding registry is slowly and steadily making an entry in the Indian wedding scenes. Naturally, it is time to update yourself and understand this slightly tricky world! We give you the lowdown on wedding registries….

wedding gift registry

What is Wedding Registry?

Wedding registry or wedding gifts registry is one of the most practical gifting customs followed in many Western countries. It is a great concept that allows your guests to choose gifts from a list of pre-selected items according to their budget. (The list is prepared by the bride-to-be or the groom-to-be or their friends or a close family member who is aware of what the bride or groom may need). It gives guests the option of choosing a gift by collaborating with other guests and even sharing the costs in case the item is a pricey one.

What are the Advantages of a Wedding Gift Registry?

Instead of getting fifty sarees or salwar suits or three toasters/coffee-makers, it is undoubtedly better to distribute a wishlist of items that you would love to receive in your wedding.

A wedding gift registry can solve thus problem of unwanted and repeat gifts. In fact, it’s a perfect win-win situation for both the couples and guests. Guests are naturally satisfied that their gift will not go unappreciated -and you-the to-be-couple will be more than happy to receive the items of your preference. Nothing can make more sense than this.

wedding gift registry


How to introduce this custom to your people?

Since this is a fairly new concept in India, you probably have to keep it within your close groups of friends and relatives. Otherwise, you might have to arrange a workshop months before the wedding and invite all your 500+ guests to attend it. So, just make a list of your near and dear ones, or talk to them about the concept of wedding gift registry. Once they get the idea, they just might love it!

Planning a gift registry

Either you can create a list of items and send the copies of the list along with your wedding invitations. Or, you can create a wedding registry online and invite wedding guests to take a look at it As it is a real time document, your guests will be immediately able to see which gifts have already been selected, or the guests they are left to collaborate with etc.

So-what do you think about wedding gift registry? Would you allow this feature in your wedding? We are curious to know!

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