Things A Bride Wishes to Hear from Her Groom During Wedding Planning

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While wedding is the ultimate dream for any girl and wedding planning is the tiny trailer that gives both the parties a sneak peak of their future togetherness. While people often consider wedding and wedding planning women’s task, these days, most of the to-be-brides are preferring to plan it together with their grooms. Men, being a new entree to the game, often get tagged as being weird/confused/indecisive when trying to help their partner make decisions. So, what are the things that a bride wishes her groom would say to her during their wedding planning?

1. Let’s fix a date for card selection.

As opposed to how men instantly vanish into thin air if you tell them to accompany you in selecting wedding cards, this would have made the brainstorming task of card selection so much easier.

2. If you want, we can go simple.

Perhaps, the most desired line a bride wishes to hear from her groom before or during wedding planning. Keeping in mind the soaring prices, everybody is trying to save as much as possible. But, due to social norms and pressure, it has become a tradition to spend large on weddings. An assurance like this from the groom would make any bride feel on top of the world.

3. Let’s share the cost.

Nothing like having your partner by your side who is willing to share the entire cost of the wedding. So, girls, if your groom says this, marry him right away.

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4. Let me help you select the wedding dress.

Now, that makes a man undoubtedly hotter than a tuxedo. Grooms, take a note of this if you want to make her fall hard for you.

5. Let me take you to a massage session.

Wedding planning can be pretty exhausting for girls. So, they would melt right away if their grooms ask to take them to a massage/hot tub/mud bath after a long, tiring day.

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6. Your pre-wedding salon bills are on me.

A wedding planning requires a girl to go out and finish all the outdoor tasks. Long exposure to sun and pollution eventually take a toll on the skin and hair. But, can a girl afford to get tan or semi-burnt hair just before the wedding? Wouldn’t it be the sweetest thing to hear for the bride if the groom takes responsibility of the beauty sessions?

7. You look stressed, let me make you a coffee.

Just after getting back to home finishing all the invitations, all you need is a cup of coffee. But, you are too tired to make one for yourself as well as for the groom who has come to drop you.

8. My love would be same even if you buy less jewellery

Once again, if you ever hear a guy saying this, forget the wedding planning and marry him right away. He’s a sweetheart!

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9. I am just a call away, always.

Often, during this wedding planning period, situations arise when girls need to consult with their grooms urgently before taking a decision. But, guys remain unavailable, mostly, due to their professional commitments. So, a guy saying this is a prize catch. You need to treasure him.

10. We gonna make it through.

Wedding planning often leaves girls confused, worried, anxious, scared and what not. All you need is a hand to hold yours and a reassuring presence of that special one. What else do you need to make it through?

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