Things Your Wedding Vendors Probably Won’t Tell You

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This portal has tons of inspiration; it mainly tells you about things you want to hear-important advice that every bride/groom-to-be and their family must know about. Additionally; it also tells you about things you might not always hear –things that are still very important. The more you know and educate yourself about all things wedding, the happier and more memorable your day will turn out to be. So here we go: presenting a list of questions your wedding vendors probably won’t answer unless you ask them….

1)      What your wedding caterers won’t tell you

Indian wedding caterers will usually not give you straight answers: you need to call or visit them in person as their website (if they have one) almost always does not include their prices. You have to ask specifically:  How much do you charge per plate? Whether your buffet service is cheaper than the seated-served meals and whether you allow us to sample food before signing the deal? You also need to specifically ask them about their past experience-how long they have been catering specifically for weddings and also whether  you’d get a discounted price when you have more than certain number of guests.

2)      What your wedding photographer won’t tell you

Indian wedding photography by Camera Crew

How many photos do I get? For how many hours on the day will you shoot at the price I am paying you? How can I make sure I look good in my wedding photos? How did my friend’s wedding album turn out so good with blurry background in some images or matte muted pastel colours in others?

The thing is: most wedding photographers would want you to be yourself and not copy images that you might have seen online or in your friend’s photo album.  A good photographer would want you to be your natural self and bring out your unique personalities. Also, reliable wedding photographers would be willing to wait all day until the last wedding guest has left in order to capture moments you would’nt want to miss.

3)      What your wedding planner won’t tell you

Will things go wrong despite all the planning? Can I research wedding vendors that are not in your group- (as they might be cheaper)? What are your qualifications and the number of years of experience you have in this field? Have you dealt with crisis and how did you handle the same? Can I plan the entire wedding without your help? What do your wedding planning services include?

Most wedding planners have monetary incentives when they recommend certain vendors. While it is a good idea to go along with these recommended ones, some outside research and little homework can actually end up saving you a ton of money. Secondly, wedding planners need not always have specific qualifications –though most undergo training in event planning and management these days-but you have every right to ask. And yes- things will go wrong despite all their efforts but that is something your planner would not admit to.

4)      What your wedding stylist won’t tell you

Indian makeup and hair stylist

What products do you use? How many brides have you ‘done’ before- do you have a portfolio I could look at? Do I need to tip you separately? Will you give me a free hair/makeup consultation? Do you charge extra for coming to the venue? Will you also eat at my wedding? Will you be using waterproof makeup? How will you ensure that my makeup lasts all day? Will you be available on site for touch-ups? Ask these questions to your makeup and hairstylist since most of them would not volunteer this information.

Now that you are aware of the information that most wedding vendors would not voluntarily come out with, you could make a detailed list of these in order to ask each vendor before signing the deal. It is also a good idea to establish such a clear relationship right from the very beginning so that there are no discrepancies later and you would have an awesome relationship from the start.

(A note to wedding vendors and brides-to-be: please add your comments in the box below…)

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