Tips For Your DIY Wedding Clean-Up Checklist (After The Guests Have Gone Home!)

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So, now that your DIY wedding clean-up checklist is ready to be put into action, you should also think about making a DIY wedding clean-up checklist. After all, when the party is done and the guests have gone home, there’ll be plenty of cleaning up to do as well and bits and pieces to pick up. While most couples take great care to put together a plan that will make the wedding a success, not much of thought is put into how to clean up without damaging anything. Here are a few things to jot down while making your DIY wedding clean-up checklist:

How much responsibility you will need to take up with regard to cleaning up at the venue itself is dependent upon which venue you choose. Most 5 star hotels will be happy to assist you with setting up the place for the wedding and in cleaning up afterwards, but if you choose a place like a public park or a wedding hall for instance, you would need to either ask for help from friends or relatives or alternatively, hire a few extra hands. Assuming that you would need to take full responsibility for making the place spic and span again, we suggest hiring the services of a cleaning agency who can help you take down the furniture and other decorative items as well.

diy wedding clean-up checklist

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Flowers are usually the most expensive purchase that is made by couples, but instead of spending the next few hours wondering how and where you will dispose the flowers, here’s another suggestion- why not consider asking your guests to take a few flowers back home with them? That way it cuts down on the garbage you would need to throw away and gives them a cute keepsake from your wedding too.

Glassware and bottles break easily and assuming that you brought these to the venue neatly packed in bubble wrap, we suggest that you keep the original packaging as it is for use after the party. Do not make the mistake of dumping glassware into a car without properly wrapping it up first because there is a good chance you will end up with cracked, broken bits and shards after you reach home.

diy wedding clean-up checklist

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If you plan on serving alcohol, we suggest putting one or two people in charge of the bottles so that nothing goes missing. On the other hand, if you plan on serving just beer and find that you have excess cans and not enough car space to accommodate everything, you can always ask your guests to take a can or two home. We bet they’d be more than happy to oblige!

Don’t waste all that wedding cake by leaving it at the venue. Get mini takeaway boxes from your baker beforehand itself so that you can take home sliced portions and give away boxes to your guests and relatives too. Do not carry a tiered cake in your car as there is a good chance it can tip over while the car is moving.

diy wedding clean-up checklist

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Your DIY wedding clean-up check list can be as simple or as comprehensive as you want it to be. It all depends on how involved you really want to be at your own wedding.

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