Avoid These Top 5 Wedding Planning Mistakes

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Everybody gives you plenty of advice on what to do while wedding planning, but have you ever been told about the mistakes you must avoid at all costs while wedding planning? Here are the top 5 wedding planning mistakes you should avoid because they are only likely to make your wedding a disaster that you won’t be able to salvage later:


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Spending without a budget: Truth be told, we Indians love to let our purse-strings loose while wedding planning but the question that needs to be answered is- can you really afford to go all out? For many Indian families, planning a weddings eats away at a huge chunk of savings kept aside over many years and that’s why it’s always good to have a budget before the splurging begins. There are many factors to be considered while making a budget and you should also add an extra 10% of the total budget as an emergency fund, in case you really do need it. After all the guests have left and the wedding celebrations have come to a natural end, you’ll be comforted by the fact that you did not go overboard.

Inviting Everybody: Indian weddings are a loud noisy celebration and it’s only natural to want everybody you know, turn up to celebrate with you. However, since it is also your special day, don’t you want to spend it with friends and family who care instead of inviting people you may have spoken to just twice? Break free from tradition which upholds the ‘more the merrier’ ideology and instead focus on a smaller wedding with more soul. No, you do not need to feel guilty about not inviting acquaintances either.

Keeping the theme a secret: Themed weddings are so in and we’ve seen some great themes take centre-stage this year. While it’s natural to want to surprise your guests as they land, keeping the theme a secret doesn’t help anybody. For instance, if you’ve planned a beach wedding and you have not informed this to you guests, there’s a good chance that they will pack wrong for the occasion. And let us tell you- carrying the wrong wedding wear is enough to make guests feel irritated and grumpy. So, while you may have plenty of entertainment planned on the side for them, the lack of information has already killed the celebratory mood. Never confuse your guests and always give them a contact number on which you or a family member can be reached.


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Micromanaging: Don’t be the bridezilla who needs to know every last detail and who kicks up a marathon of negotiations with vendors without planning for last minute problems that could spring up. Everybody loves a good deal and it’s even better when a few freebies are thrown in, but while choosing vendors, go for ones who have plenty of experience on their hands and who are thorough professionals. Then leave them to do their job without preaching about how it ought to be done. On your wedding day, be the bride who is truly ‘in the moment’ and not the one who is concerned about whether the fish fingers served were too oily or the wrong size.

Not Hiring a Photographer: Many couples think ‘why spend all that money on hiring a professional photographer when I could just ask a friend or two to cover the wedding?’ The answer lies simply in talent and related experience. Unless your friend is a truly great photographer who doesn’t mind covering the wedding for you, hiring a third party professional will not be a decision you will regret. That’s because the hired photographer will cover the entire party capturing different moods and actions whereas your friend may focus the camera on only you and your partner or on a few select guests. A few years down the line, you may not remember how much you paid the photographer, but you will enjoy flipping through your wedding album.

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