Top 4 Things Brides Do Wrong While Wedding Planning

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Wedding planning is by no means easy and if as the bride, you would prefer to get involved in every aspect of wedding planning instead of watching the action unfold from a distance, we don’t blame you. However, having said that, we’ve also noticed that the minute brides get involved in deciding wedding related matters, they also become stressed easily and that can be a very big mood dampener for everybody involved.  So we’ve compiled a short list of the top things brides do wrong while wedding planning:

Stressing about the perfect figure– Although planning for the wedding may start out smoothly, somewhere in between usually just one month before the wedding, reality dawns and the fact that the wedding date is just a few weeks away is enough reason for brides to start stressing out. This is usually the time when they begin to feel like they aren’t slim or fabulous enough to look great on the big day. In order to avoid having this kind of a meltdown later on, it’s best to have a clear workout schedule which you can put into practice without cheating. You’re sure to see the results in no time.

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Wanting everything that’s in vogue- Sure, there are lots of awesome wedding details that would make your wedding look good too but unless you have billions to spend on that one day, it’s important to have a budget. The importance of having a budget simply cannot be stressed enough and when you have a clear-cut one with allowance for an emergency fund included, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. And look at it this way- by being sensible about your wedding budget, you give yourself and your partner a good secure start to a new life together.

Expecting a 100% error free wedding- You have been warned: there is such a terror as a bridezilla and she isn’t a very nice person to be around. Wedding planning involves the coming together of so many people who choose to work as a team in order to make your day special but it does not mean that you are guaranteed a 100% error free wedding. There is a chance that the flowers you get may not be as fresh as you thought they would be or the caterers may be a bit late due to other reasons or maybe you really wanted to have a cake made by the best baker in town but it didn’t work out. There’s a likelihood you may have to settle for the second choice instead of the first but making the most of it is what will make your wedding stand out. And seriously, nobody cares if the napkins aren’t the same shade of yellow as the yellow roses!

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Forgetting to show gratitude- Of course, your friends and family members are there every step of the way to support you and to help you out and of course your guests will come to share your happiness. But, saying thank you is important after the ceremony is over because your relationships and friendships will continue for many years after the wedding day is over as well. That’s why wedding favours and personalised gifts should be on your wedding planning list. They don’t have to be out of the way expensive gifts but thoughtful gestures will mean a lot to the people you gift them to. Click here to read about a few great wedding favour ideas that will inspire you.

Don’t forget to dream big- not just about your wedding but also about the exciting new journey that lies ahead.

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