Tips For A Monsoon Wedding

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The monsoons are almost here and there’s nothing like gentle hints of raindrops touching the earth, as you take your wedding vows. But, the monsoons have also known to be real dampeners when it comes to such an important occasion. Monsoon weddings are plenty of fun and here are a few ways in which you can enjoy the rains and still have a splendid wedding:


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Go for an indoor venue. Don’t even consider an outdoor venue for either the ceremony itself or for the reception because taking a chance is too much of a risk irrespective of what the weatherman says. When you opt for an indoor venue, it also means that your guests will be more comfortable and don’t have to worry about trivial things like a spoilt hairdo, wet clothes or even catching a cold. Most hotels and resorts would be happy to set up an extra pandhal or two at the entrance itself so that the weather doesn’t get in the way of the celebration.



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Would you believe it if we told you that most hotels, wedding halls and resorts are more than happy to give guests a good discount during the monsoon months? That’s because most people generally avoid hosting big functions during this period. So, if you’re trying to cut wedding venue expenses (think DIY) or even if you’ve always fancied having a monsoon wedding, it’s a win-win situation either way. If you’re good at negotiation, you may even get a few extra perks added to your package for free!



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Since it is the monsoons, why not go for a different kind of wedding decor altogether? Remember that extra precaution would need to be taken with any lighting arrangements that are made outdoors and also that the stage that is set up indoors is a water-proof one. Most flower vendors are willing to sell their blooms at lower rates during this season and that allows you to get really creative while discussing various aspects of your monsoon wedding decor with your wedding planner.



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Take care when planning the menu. The monsoons are also unfortunately associated with a host of water borne diseases and other gastric ailments, so do plan your menu with caution. Ensure that only fresh food is served to the guests and go easy on appetizers that are served cold or that are fried and greasy. Most importantly, don’t forget to serve only bottled, purified or boiled water to your guests as well.


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