Tips on Entertaining Children At Weddings

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In the second part of our article on great ways to keep children entertained at a wedding, let’s take a look at two more ideas that are certain to get the children excited and yet are guaranteed to also keep them busy:


Gift them a Goody Bag: Children love surprises and can you imagine the glee on each child’s face when they get an individual goody bag which they don’t have to share and which they get to take home? Of course, hobbies and interests vary from child to child and also differ across age-groups so it’s wise not to gift a general goody bag without first finding out a little more about the interests of the child. The best way to do this would be to have a little chat with the parents before the wedding. Let’s assume that your little guests come within the age-group of 4 to 7 years. The ideal goody bag could contain:

  • A colouring book
  • A set of crayons/colour pencils/sketch pens
  • A small book to read OR a mini do-it-yourself craft kit.
  • Fun stickers and glitter pens
  • A chocolate bar or for a healthier option a muesli/granola bar.
  • A mini jigsaw puzzle set or a card game like UNO.
  • You could even include a DVD of the latest children’s animation movie


Host Outdoor Games: There’s no limit to the imagination and possibilities if you decide to let the kids run and play and make merry at an outdoor venue. Of course there are so many games that you could choose from, but don’t forget a candy and treat filled piñata which could be in the shape of a wedding ring, a bouquet of flowers or even have the initials of the new couple. Treasure hunts are plenty of fun and this in fact a game that even adults could join in, if you are planning to have separate games for them later. We say that a great way to create some wonderful memories would be to have a separate photo booth just for the children and to fill it with plenty of cute fun props. You could also have a ‘design your own placemat’ contest for the little ones and give away prizes for the winning designs or ask each child to write down a personal message for the newlyweds and read it out aloud at the wedding reception.

Let the little ones be a special part of your big day. We hope you liked our ideas on how you can get plenty of frame worthy photography moments while letting them enjoy themselves as well. Do write in to us with your feedback and comments.

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