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Flowers have a very special place in Indian weddings and that’s because not only do they enhance the overall wedding décor, but they are also believed to be harbingers of luck and fortune. That could be one reason why flowers are often part of a bride’s and groom’s wedding wear too. For instance, it’s not uncommon for grooms to have a flower tucked in a pocket or for brides to wear strands of flowers in their hair. Children or bridesmaids too can often be spotted holding little bouquets or baskets of flowers in their hands. In this article, we take a look at the most popular Indian wedding flowers used across the country:


indian wedding flowers

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One look at this brightly coloured flower that’s available in both orange and gold and one can understand why it’s believed that marigold radiate positive energy. An aesthetic must at Hindu weddings, strands of marigold can often be seen at the entrance of the wedding venue and in the mandaap. They are also believed to be a representative of the sun.


indian wedding flowers

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These little flowers which can be spotted anywhere thanks to the sweet subtle fragrance that they exude are a must at any South Indian Hindu wedding. They are considered to bring good luck and are a sign of good fortune too. Besides being used as a part of the décor, these Indian wedding flowers are also worn in the bride’s hair. The pristine white colour also signifies purity.


indian wedding flowers

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Once considered exotic and foreign, orchids in various shades can be spotted at wedding receptions and also at Christian weddings. When used to create a table arrangement display, white orchids are usually paired with orchids of a deeper shade like purple or magenta to create a beautiful contrast. These Indian wedding flowers are believed to convey a sense of support and undying devotion between the bride and groom.


indian wedding flowers

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Another favourite at Indian weddings, roses in all hues can often be spotted at wedding venues. Pink roses denote happiness, white roses stand for purity whereas red roses symbolizes love. Bouquets of red roses are usually carried by brides especially in Christian weddings. Red petals are also showered on the newlywed couple during and after the wedding ceremony. Their sweet smell which lasts longer than most other fragrant flowers makes them a staple with most wedding planners too.


indian wedding flowers

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Carnations are often used in mixed bouquets along with other flowers like roses or tulips. These pastel coloured Indian wedding flowers which look like bunched up tissue paper can last long and are very pretty. They are often used in bridal bouquets along with leaves and foliage or in a centrepiece flower arrangement.

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