Top 5 Indian Wedding Themes for 2017

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Now that you have chosen your wedding venue, you would want to get down to the nitty-gritty of wedding décor planning. You can always enlist the help of a wedding planner for the same. But it is also fun if you-the couple – get involved in these matters. Believe us when we say-nothing is more satisfying than getting praised by your wedding guests for your innovative ideas. Also, choosing a unique wedding theme can definitely take your celebration to a whole new level. However, selecting a wedding theme can sometimes be confusing, given the myriad options you have at your disposal. So why not take cue from this brief guide we have put together for 2017 weddings?

1. Rustic theme

top Indian wedding themes for 2017

A rustic looking wedding mandap and vedi are very much in for 2017 weddings. It is ideal for venues that allow outdoor ceremonies. You can even marry a rustic and vintage theme for your sangeet and mehendi eve. Pantone’s colour of 2017 is Greenery, so make sure you use plenty of it in all your accents.

2. Rajasthani theme

Indian wedding themes for 2017

A colourful, mela like backdrop will set the tone for your Rajasthani wedding. Vibrant and lively, this is the décor to go for if you want to get all of your guests in the spirit of the celebration. Include plenty of colourful throws, pillows, umbrellas, marigolds and other orange, pink or red elements. And while you are at it, Rajasthani snacks and Indian street food will ensure that your guests remember your wedding for years to come.

3. Bollywood theme

Indian themed weddings 2017

These days, it is all about getting good pictures. And what better way to do this than a Bollywood themed photo-booth? You can easily buy/download ready to use printable photo-ops to ensure your guests have fun posing for the camera.

4. Metallic theme

Indian wedding theme for 2017

Image: via StyleMePretty

beautiful metallic lehenga

Image: ArtFoto Studios

Love all things sparkly and shiny? Then this is the theme for you. Add copper, brass and bronze elements and make sure your lehenga sparkles as well.

5. Pretty pastel theme

Indian wedding theme for 2017

Image: Aviraj Saluja

You simply cannot go wrong with pretty pinks, pastels and peachy hues. This theme is romantic and elegant and works very well for late summer weddings.

And these are 5 most popular Indian wedding themes trending this year. Know any other ideas? Comment below and share them with our readers.

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