Top 10 Wedding Colour Themes in Indian Wedding

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Weddings demand novelty at every step and even more in the wedding colour themes. Indian wedding colours which ruled the roost last year are now being replaced by a set of more interesting an trendier colours this year. If you look closely, every passing year has made the wedding colours subtler, more chic and contemporary to suit the taste of changing times. Discussed below are top 10 wedding color themes which will never fade out from the wedding scene in India. Because these colors are so ingrained in the Indian culture; they literally represent the core essence of India.

Top 10 Wedding Color Themes in Indian Wedding

1. Yellow

We all know how much we love the appeal of this refrshing, bright color. And if you’re planning a grand summer wedding then you will get extra brownies for going all yellow with those elaborate drapes and props. Look how vintage lemon yellow can get if you use it correctly.

Wedding themes

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Wedding color themes

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2. Violet and White

The sensuous color violet, when combined with white can create magic for sure.

Wedding color themes

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3. Yellow, Blue and Golden

Ever knew that these three quintessential Indian colors could change your wedding setup in such a glamorous way?

Wedding color themes

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4. Rainbow Colors

Want that boho chic feel in your wedding theme? Go game with all the seven colors ans you will get a magnificent result that can put all the other wedding color themes to shame.

Wedding color themes


5. White and Golden

This timeless color combination holds a special place in South Indian weddings.

Wedding color themes


6. Magenta, Ivory White and Golden

Get away from the typical pink and try this unique theme color combination.

Wedding color themes

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7. Mughal Saffron

This saffron gives the look of royal mahals and durbars. Therefore, a must for your royal themed wedding.

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8. Red

Red and Indian wedding are kind of synonymous. But, how about giving it a different level altogether by implementing some interesting mix-n-match like this one?

Wedding color themes

9. Golden and Purple

Precisely, sky is the limit when you have these two colors in hand.

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10. White

Break the monotony of white, but, in such a fascinating way.

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