Unusual 2016 Wedding Cake Trends You Should Know About

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Cake trends have always made headlines over the years and with a huge demand for never seen before cakes by couples, connoisseur bakers and cake bakers are now being forced to push their creativity in terms of flavours and designs to never seen before heights. Is a cake that is suspended from the ceiling something that appeals to your imagination? Then don’t hesitate to ask your cake expert. So this year, don’t be surprised at the number of unusual 2016 wedding cake trends doing the rounds. We say that it’s a great time to dig into layers of salted caramel, cakes with accentuated floral details and slices of naked cake with fresh cream icing. Let’s take a look at a few of the unusual 2016 wedding cake trends this year:

unusual 2016 wedding cake trends

Image courtesy Brit

unusual 2016 wedding cake trends

Image courtesy Shire Wedding

Artistic Cakes

Last year, we saw watercolours making an interesting comeback in wedding invitations. Not only are watercolours bright and fresh to the eye but when they are on a cake, the effect is a whole lot different. Couples are asking bakers to get inspired by actual paintings and to create edible art. Another way to get inspired is to create ombre effects of the cakes that are inspired by the seasons as well. Little touches like adding berries and gold leaf to the cake make it more realistic. We think that this unusual 2016 wedding cake trend of blended watercolour effect is here to stay.

unusual 2016 wedding cake trends

Image courtesy Alicia Keats

unusual 2016 wedding cake trends

Image courtesy Wedding o Mania

Marble and Metals

For those couples who aren’t into art, here’s another unusual 2016 wedding cake trend to choose from. Marble cakes refer to tiers that have icing which feature one colour in different shades or tiers that feature contrasting colours. Couples don’t simply want white or cream coloured cakes anymore and in fact cake colours that are reminiscent of actual metals like copper, bronze, silver and gold are very much in. Interestingly, this is a cake trend that was spotted last year too. So, if a black cake with gold detail is to your liking, we think your baker will be more than happy to whip up one for you.

unusual 2016 wedding cake trends

Image courtesy The Pastry Studio

unusual 2016 wedding cake trends

Image courtesy Destination Wedding Mag

Unusual Flavours

Salted caramel tastes wonderful in an ice-cream, but it’s even better on a cake. Many couples actually feel that the saltiness of the flavour stops the cake from becoming unbearably sweet. And if you want to go one step further, try out flavours like key lime and coconut or even lavender. Can’t get enough of your cuppa of green tea every day? Then translate your love for it into a wedding cake flavour accompanied with black sesame seeds. And no, you don’t need to stop there. If there is an ice-cream flavour that you can’t get out of your head, or a chocolate that you indulge in every day, simply ask your baker to create a cake from that. It’s a great way to lend some personality to your wedding cake too.

If 2015 was all about naked cakes, then this year is about semi-naked cakes. So, what do you think about the unusual 2016 wedding cake trends this year?

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