Wedding Dessert Trends

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Would it surprise you to know that quite a few couples actually prefer to ditch a wedding cake and treat their guests to some scrumptious wedding desserts instead? This year, it seems as if those couples who can’t do without a cake are letting their creativity run wild, whereas those who don’t want one are happy with other sweet alternatives instead.


We’ve lined up four surprising but always lip smacking desserts that you could opt for, in place of a traditional 3 tier cake. We promise your guests won’t complain and these ideas give your wedding a completely modern twist too!



This budget friendly sweet treat may not be what the doctor ordered, but no one can deny that a fresh doughnut is a much loved comfort food. They are so versatile (think of the number of toppings and flavours you could have), easy to carry and best of all; they don’t melt! Besides, there’s something very quaint about enjoying a doughnut with a dessert fork and your guests won’t end up with icing or crumbs on their clothes either.



They are so undeniably pretty and if settling on just one flavour for your wedding cake is driving you up the wall, then switch to macaroons instead. These little French treats are guaranteed to be a favourite with your guests and come in a range of rainbow colours. Besides, if serving an array of exotic flavours is what you really want, then a macaron tower gives you unlimited room to put your creativity to the test. A hint of creamy sweetness mingled with Indian spices is a taste that will be the talk of the town.

Cake Pops



Cake pops look just like lollipops, the only difference being that they are little cake balls and not hard candy. Just like macarons, cake pops are available in umpteen different flavours and colours as well. Besides, these bite sized treats allow your guests to indulge in more than one without making them feel guilty about huge size portions! And if you’d like to experiment with Indian flavours ,then saffron- elaichi and mithai flavoured cake pops are a good idea.

Desserts in a Jar


Give traditional puddings the cold shoulder and let your guests experience something truly out of the world by serving them their wedding dessert in a jar. These jars allow a guest to enjoy the dessert visually before actually tasting it and make way for a rich array of flavours in terms of taste. In fact, it’s not unusual for dessert experts to opt for complex multi-layering which both looks and tastes great. For a dessert closer to home, try serving a cold dessert like rabri layered with warm gulab jamun on top.

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