Wedding Thank You Gifts For Your Bridesmaids

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A wedding would be so incomplete without bridesmaids by your side because having your girls giggle with you, tease you about the honeymoon that’s coming up, go bridal shopping with you and pour over bridal magazines with you is half the fun that makes getting married such a memorable experience. So, it’s only fair to put in lots of heart and some thought into your thank you gift to your bridesmaids:


One of the best ways to show your appreciation towards them being a part of your wedding is by getting them stylish bridesmaid wear that is trendy and which suits their skin tones and personalities. A common complaint that most bridesmaids have is that their dresses or Indian wear are only suitable for the one occasion and have to be tucked away in the cupboard after one use. Letting them have a say in what they will eventually wear will reduce your stress over the perfect bridesmaid wear and will make them feel valued too.


We girls love our handbags and a fantastic thank you gift option is to gift customised handbags or cosmetic bags with each girl’s initials on it. If you take the time to do some surfing online, you will come across a fantastic range of options to suit your budget. You could even put in a small thank you message on the inside flap or highlight the date of your wedding as well. It’s both a useful and a sentimental keepsake.


Perfume gift sets are always a good idea but you could take this thank you gifting option one notch higher by including some make up accessories as well. After all, every girl loves to dress up and a cosmetic box is a handy companion to take along while travelling too. See if you can customise the names of your bridesmaids on their respective boxes. This lowers the chance of getting them mixed up as well.


Jewellery is an inexpensive thank you gift gesture that you could consider and it makes for a touching gift especially when accompanied by a thank you letter. Your gift could be a single pair of studs or could comprise of the entire set as well. In fact, gifting them jewellery which will match their outfits beforehand helps them to avoid any last minute shopping just before D-day. Plus, a really good jewellery set can be worn time and again by them at any function.


It’s also a good idea to take your girls along with you for some ‘me-time’ at the spa so that they stay relaxed and energetic on your special day that matters most.

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