Wedding Video Invites: A Creative Way of Inviting Guests To Your Special Occasions

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Pictures speak a thousand words; videos speak a million. That is the thought behind the unique concept of inviting guests to your special occasions using video invitations  Hitesh Chhabria is a contemporary wedding photographer specialising in wedding films and video invites.

How it works

All you need to do is choose one of the video invitations which can be then customized using your pictures along with the event details you want to convey. Once ready, you can send the video link using simple email as well as your social media to invites friends and family to various events.

Here is a sample video along with a few photographs of a couple who has chosen to use video invites.


(Couple : Ravi Bachani + Payal Sadarangani)



So what are the benefits of getting the word out using such video invitations?

1) You will get quicker RSVP responses. With traditional invitations, you need to be proactive and send them months in advance and then wait for weeks for friends and relatives to send in their responses. With video invitations, your invitees can quickly respond on the same day.

2) Unique and customized video invitations are a great way of showing the creativity of the couple-to-be. Each video can show their preferences and unique style. They are also user friendly.

3) You will know for sure that the videos reach the recipients  on the same day. Unlike paper invitations which can get lost in the mail, video invites are sure to reach all intended guests on the day you send them.

4) Did we mention they are environment friendly?

Hitesh Chhabria’s wedding video invitations are sure to enhance your wedding celebrations. Hitesh also shoots weddings in and around Mumbai. Visit Hitesh on his website and Facebook page to learn more about video wedding invitations .

All images and videos courtesy The Talking Pictures.

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