What She Says And What She Really Means

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To all the men who are reading this right now, do you relax or panic when your lady answers in “Whatever” or “I am fine.” or “Nothing”? Well, if you ask a wise man, maybe, he’d advise you to run for your life next time your lady says these short but never-to-miss signals of an upcoming storm. But is understanding women that difficult? Of course not-when you know the science of understanding hints she throws.

Here is a quick guide that will help you pick up subtle hints she drops when angry or upset. After reading this, you will find it much easier understanding what she says Vs. what she really means.

1. She says: “It’s fine.”

Decoded meaning: “I’d really appreciate if you could sit here till I finish what I have to say and, yes, not just sit but do pay attention to what I am saying. Or else, JUST leave! NOW!”

2. She says: “Forget it.”

Decoded meaning: “Don’t you dare forget this. If you do, I will make sure that you don’t forget this conversation, for the next 2 years at least.” In a situation where she is upset because you have done something stupid, this “forget it” can be interpreted as “I want you to just admit your fault and say sorry. Why can’t you see that I’m dying to forgive you?”

3. She says: “OK. It’s my fault!”

Decoded meaning: “It’s anything but my fault. I am simply saying this so that it pokes and awakens your sleepy conscience and makes you realize your mistake. Feeling guilty already? Great! I can see my efforts working.”

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4. She says: “I don’t care.”

Decoded meaning: “I’d hate to admit it and I will NEVER let you see this but I still care about everything that has happened-a lot! It’s just that I am terribly upset with you at the moment and because I cannot possibly hurt you, I will pretend that I do not care.”

5. She says: “Are we going for a movie this weekend? Just asking.”

Decoded meaning: “Not just asking. I want to go for the movie that too, with you. I am asking you in advance so that you better keep your weekend free.”

6. She says: “Do I look fat in this dress/photo?”

Decoded meaning: This is a tricky one. If you say no-she might say that you are lying. If you say yes, then God Save You! If you keep mum, she might say that you hardly notice her these days!

7. She says, “Are you seriously going to wear that shirt/T-shirt for the night out?”

Decoded meaning: “I dread to imagine you in that awful shirt even at home and you are wearing it on our date? Take it off right now and burn it, if possible.”

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8. She says: “What did you just say?”

Decoded meaning: “I heard you very well the first time. I am just giving you a second chance to rethink and reconsider what you just said if you want peace for the next 72 hours and more. If nothing better comes to your mind, just say something nice to me or leave before I declare war!”

9. She says: “We need to talk.”

This one, perhaps, puts every man on the list of endangered species on earth. You have been summoned and you don’t know exactly from which side the arrows are coming at a speed of 350 kms per hour. And why does the brain have to work so slow at such crucial moments that you cannot even recall what blunder you might have done in the last few hours.

Decoded meaning: “Stop whatever you are doing and come at once here. I have a complete questionnaire prepared in my head and I want to hear your answers. It’s not that I don’t know the fact, rather I’ve done my work. So, watch your answers and make sure you don’t lie to me. Or else, be prepared for the worst!

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10. She says: “I love you.”

Trust her when she says this. She has chosen you to open up herself, to show her vulnerable side, so, you are a lucky fella. Wait! Is there any special date in the coming month? Like your anniversary or the date you two first saw each other? Could you have forgotten these sepcial anniversaries? In such situations, an “I love you” can mean a new diamond necklace or an exotic trip to Bahamas. Be prepared for anything- that is the easiest solution.

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