10 Important Questions To Consider Before Getting Married

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When it comes to routine maintenance for your car, there are 2 ways to go about it: the easy way and the hard way. The easy way is to do it NOW and pay a lot less. The hard way is to do it later when there is actual car trouble. The same is true regarding marriage: you must approach this important relationship with the same wisdom as you would when it comes to fixing and maintaining your vehicle. Sure you might be feeling all romantic – a special ‘click’ towards this special person. However, just like in case of the car, some preventive maintenance is very essential before you actually tie the knot. This will help keep your “relationship’s engine” functioning as it should.

So, do consider these 10 questions which can help you avoid “costly repairs” later.

Top 10 questions to ask before getting married

questions to consider before marrying

  1. What are your religious views?

Sure one of you might be an atheist.  However, it is essential that you clear these things beforehand. Having faith can help strengthen and shape a marriage in many ways. Marriage is a blessing and can be a source of great joy; it is the oldest known relationship but many people come into it with unrealistic expectations.  It is very important that you know and respect each other’s faith. Try and find out if s/he is open to visiting places of worship with you or as a family.

  1. Do you wish to have children?

If you cannot agree on this topic steer clear of this relationship.  Do not think that this is an issue you can deal with later. Making an important decision like this especially when one partner wants children while the other one does not, is unfair to both partners as well as to potential kids.

  1. Let’s talk money, honey!

How each partner thinks about finances is an important topic that must be dealt with before marriage.  For example, you could have a combined account or keep your accounts separate. In either case, there should be complete confidence and one should be able to trust the other. This is even more applicable in case of an arranged marriage. Try and find out his/her spending habits and who would be paying the bills each month.

  1. Spending time with in-laws

Let’s face it. When it comes to in-laws things can go both ways- you can have a great relationship; alternatively, they could cause a strain on your marriage. If you feel that this might be a problem later, it is best to find out how much time you’d be spending with them once you get married.

questions to consider before marrying

  1. Handling everyday tasks
  • “Will you cook?’
  • “Will you clean the toilet?”

These are important questions that one must ask one’s spouse-to-be. Naturally, you can also have hired help to do the jobs you dislike or simply accept that you’d be doing majority of the work around the house. In either case, try to discuss the importance of sharing the workload before you commit.

  1. How would you like to spend your vacations/off time?

This question can reveal many important things like your spouse-to-be’s hobbies, whether he/she likes doing the same things as you do, or whether s/he places you above other activities/relationships/work etc.

  1. Questions pertaining to past relationships

You must consider the implications of the past entanglements including past- marriages, or prior relationships etc. Try to judge if your partner is truly over his/her past relations and whether one is really free to enter into a relationship with you. Find out if monogamous relationship and being faithful to each other is as important to her/him as it is to you.

  1. How much space is the other person willing to give you?

questions to consider before marrying

Sure you would want to do things as a couple once you are married. However, there are times when you’d want to do your own things. If being on your own is important to you from time to time ensure you give and get that freedom in return.

  1. About habits like smoking/drinking etc

These are very important questions that can reveal if the future spouse could have an addiction issue. Not only could these problems cause marital problems, they can even threaten one’s finances or cause legal problems.

10. How do you solve arguments?

How do you and your partner solve problems? Do you fight often or has s/he gotten violent with you? Do arguments always end with you being the only one to apologize? These can cause issues later and one must especially be wary if the partner has displayed violent tendencies.

While these 10 questions will not ensure that your relation will go down the linear, well-marked path, they will certainly help you determine if you and your fiance-to be are headed in the right direction.

Have other important questions one must ask before tying the knot? Share them with us below.


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