10 Creative Ways to Cut Your Wedding Expenses

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A wedding is perhaps the most important and the most expensive project of one’s life. Whether you are the one financing your own wedding or it’s your parents, the cost of one wedding for any middle class family starts from a minimum of 5 lakhs and that’s only for venue, food and decoration. Then you need to factor in the costs of saris and jewellery.  The total cost can easily be the down payment of your dream apartment or car or the budget of a month-long honeymoon to your dream destination or, maybe, even a world-trip-together. But what can you do? Neither can you cut off the costs nor can make it an ordinary affair! In Indian weddings, its all about your family’s pride and reputation and you have to keep up to it. There should be absolutely no compromises in the celebrations .

But, worry not and read these 10 creative ways to cut short your wedding budget –

1. Off Season date: Do you know you can save 40%-50% of your wedding venue cost just by picking an off-season date? Yes. The marriage halls charge up double than their off-season tariffs during winter and other pick season. So, if either of your and your bride/groom’s families does not have a fuss about dates, go off-season.

2. Lighter dress: More the material, more the work, more the price. It’s same theory for both designer and non-designer wedding attires. Hence, if you can do with a less of zardosi or embroidery work on your lehenga/saree/sherwani, it can save you thousands of bucks.

3. Gold is good if old: Use your family jewellery if you are one of the lucky ones. Do not give it a second thought. It can save 50% of your total budget.

4. Destination wedding: Surprised that this features in our list of saving wedding costs? A destination wedding is actually a smarter way of trimming down your guest list. Imagine yourself getting married on a faraway serene beach in the presence of just a handful of near and dear ones. See? You are already charged up reading this.

5. Seasonal flowers rock: Save 8% of your wedding budget just by opting out orchids, gerberas and carnations. Our own seasonal flowers like roses, marigold etc can give you an unmatched traditional vibe than the imported ones.

6. Invitations: Keep them plain and simple. Also, use technology to create your e-invitation and send that via email, WhatsApp etc. Be savvy and save your money.

7. Less functions, the better: Do you actually need that week long celebration? If not then keep the sangeet and mehendi ceremonies together. Cut short other functions and make it just a 3 days event.

8. Photography: You need someone to capture the beautiful memories beautifully. Your cousins/friends who have a thing for photography, or, maybe, trying their luck with it can do an amazing job.

9. Music and dance: Your relatives and friends can create magic better than those DJs and hired singers. Dance? Well, relatives rock!

Wedding dance

10. Negotiation is the keyword: Whether it’s the wedding caterer or the decorator or other bookings, do not ever forget to negotiate the amount. And, last but not least, remember the more delay you make in booking, the more opportunities they will get over you.

After all, you should have lovely memories, not sky high bills for a happily-ever-after togetherness.

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