10 Wedding Guest Mistakes That Often Happen At Weddings

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Here’s an uncomfortable fact about weddings- no matter how perfectly you plan everything, your wedding guests just might end up making a mistake or two that you just weren’t prepared for. And while, it doesn’t pay to stress about ‘who might do what’ on your special day, it’s still wise to be in the loop about wedding guest mistakes beforehand. Here goes:

1. Guests wearing the same outfits!

It’s possible and we mean very possible that two or more guests may end up wearing the same outfit to your wedding unintentionally. This happens more when there is a theme or colour scheme involved. Well, there’s simply nothing that can be done about this!

2. No RSVP

You may have asked your guest to RSVP before the event so that you can have a perfect tally of the expected number of guests. One of the top wedding guest mistakes revolves around not simply ignoring the ‘Please RSVP’ request.

3. Bringing along plus ones you aren’t too fond of

Another complaint on the list of wedding guest mistakes involves your guest bringing along a person who you never invited in the first place, somebody you really don’t like (or hope to never see again!) or simply somebody who wasn’t accounted for initially. That’s why it pays to be prepared for an extra guest or two beforehand.

4. Dietary restrictions and picky eaters

No matter how hard you thought about the perfect menu, there’s probably going to be a guest or two who doesn’t like what was served and who doesn’t hesitate to air his or her thoughts loudly. Wedding guest mistakes are meant to be forgiven and that is why it’s important to handle such an uncomfortable situation like this with grace. But as a host, please be aware of dietary restrictions-for example if the wedding is on a Thursday, arrange for fast items etc.

5. Drunk talk

If you are planning on serving booze- then beware. Expect a guest or two to drink merrily and then begin dancing, shouting or whatever he fancies! That’s why it makes sense to get the waiters to close the bar before dinner is served or to limit the pegs served per guest.

wedding guest mistakes

6. Late entry

No matter what the ceremony timing is, be prepared for a few of your guests to turn up late and to make an entrance just when you are in the middle of saying your vows.

7. Bringing gifts when you clearly say blessings only

Another grouse on our list of wedding guest mistakes is about your guests bringing heavy expensive presents when your card clearly says that all you want are their blessings. If you have set up a wedding registry, it is also possible that a few of your guests may think nothing of getting you a gift that is not even listed on the site.

8. Personal requests for songs

You have made sure that the city’s top DJ will be spinning his tunes at your wedding. Your guy has put together the perfect dance list and you want everything to go well. But you can expect personal requests from your guests, and declining them politely would be wise.

9. Embarrassing toasts

Guests enjoy sharing embarrassing stories about the wedding couple who in turn, are often left cringing at having such personal tales being made public. Make an excuse but leave the conversation if this happens or simply tell another story.

10. Wedding crashers

Gate crashers are a nuisance we agree but you simply cannot keep tab on each and every person who enters the wedding venue. We suggest not stressing but politely asking such guests to leave once you have spotted them. Or ask a relative to do so instead.

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