6 Essential Bridal Accessories

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Wedding is the most important day in a girl’s life. It is the day when she becomes the bride and the centre of attention for everyone attending the occasion. Being on stage and the target for every eye is not at all easy. People are not just looking at the bride; they are observing what she wears and how her makeup is. The quest to make it the most memorable day in her life and look splendid makes it very important for the bride to take care of everything : from head to toe.

Once the wedding dress has been selected what are the other essential bridal accessories that a bride must have in order to look just perfect? Here is a list of six most essential bridal accessories that can make your attire prettier than you imagined:

Six essential bridal accessories for an Indian Bride


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The “Vanity Box” is of course one of the essential components among the bridal accessories. Just like a perfect Indian dish will be incomplete without all the spices in it, an Indian bride will be incomplete without make-up. The Vanity box can have everything starting from a hairbrush to eye make-up, the nail paints, perfumes, mascara or almost anything that you can think of when it comes to your make-up.



 A handbag that matches the wedding attire is a must for every bride. These days there are a lot of options when it comes to the handbags. You can pick something that is handmade with stonework or something that you feel comfortable in carrying and is elegant. Choose the right size and shape for the bag that fits the best on your body type.




This is a crucial decision to make considering that you may have to stand for hours while accepting greetings from the guests coming to your reception. Which style would you select? High heels or flat pair of shoes? These days, shops are loaded with many  options and brides  can pick from a wide range of designer footwear that  complements the wedding attire.



Another very important element of the bride’s attire is her Jewellery. It needs to be picked with utmost precision as this helps in enhancing her beauty to a whole new level. Gone are the days when the only options in bridal jewellery were expensive metals. Now you can pick from jewellery that can be specially designed  to suit the dress you plan to wear. The different options you can consider are : gold, kundan, platinum, minakari, diamonds, emeralds etc.

Hand and feet decoration


Talking about the bridal accessories and mehndi or henna is not mentioned? Not possible. Another must have for a bride on her wedding day. If you are allergic to the natural henna then you need not worry as now there is also an option for paste-on stickers which can look as pretty or even better than its natural counterpart.

Hair accessories

sandeep hair

The perfect hairstyle is another thing that needs to be taken care of. Choose from a flower based or jewellery based hairstyle and make sure you try it before the wedding day.

Just as the right accessories can enhance your beauty on your wedding day and take it to another level, the wrong choice regarding the same can do exactly the opposite. So make sure you try everything before the final occasion arrives and pick the best out of the rest.

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