20 Questions To Ask A Wedding DJ Before Hiring

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It isn’t just the wedding ceremony that grabs eyeballs, the music being played on your special day is just as important too. With so many theme based weddings trending all over the country and with Indian couples willing to experiment with different forms of music, the tunes belted out by the DJ can actually set the mood or kill the mood.

Let’s assume that you’ve never actually indulged in wedding planning, so how do you know what are the right questions to ask? Don’t worry, we the wedding planning expert advisers are here to help. So, here are our top 20 questions to ask your wedding DJ BEFORE you hire him or her:

Have you played at weddings before? If, yes, how many?

This is a no-brainer. Do you really want a first-timer entertaining your guests on D-Day?

Are you available on my wedding day?

Because if he isn’t, you need to know beforehand.

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Will you be the main DJ at the wedding?

If you don’t ask now, you may end up dancing to the tunes mixed by his assistant!

Will you be bringing your own equipment or do we need to help out with the musical arrangements?

Most wedding DJ’s bring their own speakers and equipment, but if your DJ needs a few arrangements to be made on the wedding day, he needs to let you know at least one month before the wedding.

Have you played at my wedding venue before?

Each venue is different and depending upon the space hired, the number of speakers will need to be added or reduced.

What kind of music are you most comfortable playing?

Every wedding DJ has his or her own style and knowing what music styles your DJ is comfortable playing, gives you a good idea about the music you can expect.

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Do you take impromptu song requests or do we have to give you a list beforehand?

If he prefers a list, add a few popular dance numbers that suit all age groups to the playlist.

How many hours will you be playing for?

Your wedding reception may go on till the wee hours of the morning but don’t expect your wedding DJ to stay that long.

Will you also take on a few emcee duties during the reception?

Most DJ’s don’t mind interacting with the audience but you need to discuss this in detail first.

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How much time do you need to set up your DJ console at the wedding?

Add an extra 30 minutes to the stage preparatory time he will require.

Can we see a demo?

Don’t be shy. A DJ isn’t exactly low cost, so if great music is a priority, asking for a live demo cuts out any surprises later!

How many months prior to the wedding should we confirm your services?

Honestly? The earlier, the better.

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Are your travel or logistics costs added as extra services to my bill?

Most of the time, the DJ will make his own travelling arrangements but if you are flying in a DJ specially for the event, you would need to take care of that bill too.

If we would like to hire you for more than one function like the mehendi or sangeet, do we get a discount?

No harm in asking if he can give you a better bundled rate if he plays at more than one function.

Do you have any special wedding packages?

Weddings mean great business for DJ’s and they may have special wedding and off-season packages too.

What are your payment terms?

Just like a wedding vendor, your wedding DJ needs to be given an advance payment too. The terms should be clearly agreed upon before the event.

Do you have any overtime fees?

Most wedding DJ’s would be glad to play for a few extra hours as long as they get paid for it too. Don’t expect this extra service to be given for free.

Do you give refunds or charge a cancellation fee in case we change our minds?

Don’t hesitate to ask this.

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Do you have any other requests/demands before we go ahead and sign you up for our wedding?

Never hurts to ask!

Can I have a few references of couples you have worked with recently?

A good recommendation can go a long way so if you want to know if the wedding DJ is really worth it, ask the clients he has already played for.

Main image courtesy Neha Brackstone Photography


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