Get Set To Tackle These Wedding Planning Surprises

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Would it sound surprising if we told you that wedding planning is rated as one of the most stressful periods for brides, grooms and their respective families? In addition to trying to work out every little detail in a cost effective manner, unexpected surprises may come up at any phase of the wedding planning itself. We look at a few more challenges you need to steel yourself for:


Friends and family love giving you their opinions but none of it is helpful and it’s hard to tell them so.

We agree that taking help and asking for advice can be very useful especially when pouring over minute details in wedding planning. However, sometimes, not all the advice that comes you way is of much use and at other times, it can get overwhelming and may even make you get paranoid about certain aspects you did not really think much about before. It’s in times like these that turning to your wedding planner or to your friends who are helping out, is the best thing to do. Remember that it is you day and the wedding should be about you and your groom, not about anybody else. At the same time, it’s always polite to thank your loved one for the advice given irrespective of whether you put it into action or not.


Your friends complain that of late you only talk about the wedding and nothing else. They’re even avoiding your phone calls.

A wedding is an exciting event in any bride’s life and it’s only natural that you would be more than eager to share every little detail about it with your besties and relatives. However, you must also keep in mind that while you may find the differences between soufflé and mousse worth talking about, an overdose of wedding talk can get overwhelming for listeners. In fact, you too would feel just the same if the situation was reversed. So, before matters get a little out of hand and your besties start avoiding you altogether, here’s what you can do- try to keep wedding chatter to a minimum and ensure that you make time for your hobbies and for other activities. It will help you stay mentally alert and active too.


You want a trendy wedding but the wedding decor you need for the theme isn’t even available.

Themed weddings are no doubt in vogue and add to the general fun of a reception. However, you also need to brace yourself for small unexpected disappointments which could come up when you really want to order just that shade of pink monogrammed napkins and it isn’t in stock. Or, the vendor just won’t deliver them to your place leave alone the fact that you stay in the heart of the city. In such cases, a back-up plan is always a good idea as it helps you focus on what you can have and not on what you can’t. Your wedding planner can also suggest some great alternatives for your themed wedding decor too.

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