Month: March 2016

groom style trends

4 Groom Style Trends We Love

We take a peek at the kind of groom style trends that are all the rage these days. Read on about how you too can jazz up your...

most expensive Indian wedding

Real Weddings: At INR 140 Cr. Could This Be The Most Expensive Shaadi Ever?

At 140 Cr. INR, this could very well be the most expensive Indian wedding ever!

tips to remain honest

9 Tips to Remain Honest in Relationships

Falling in love and being in a relationship are two different things. While falling in love can be scary initially, it requires no effort. However, being in a...

real wedding stories India

Turbanless Romance

A cute romantic story sent in by our reader Sahil followed by a gorgeous pre-wedding photoshoot

tuxedos for grooms

4 Great Tuxedo Styles To Choose From For Your Wedding

Looking for a really great tuxedo to wear at your wedding? We give you some good styles to choose from.

Indian stunning jewelry pieces

Trend Alert: Shoulder And Back Jewellery That Dazzles

Want a unique look for your Big Day? Then go in for a low cut Choli paired with stunning shoulder and back jewelry pieces...we have 10 ideas for...

small indian wedding

How To Plan A Small Indian Wedding

Weddings are slowly becoming small intimate affairs to which only close family and friends are invited to. We tell you how to have your very own small Indian...