4 Great Tuxedo Styles To Choose From For Your Wedding

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Just as brides want to look their very best at the wedding, so do grooms. From Indian to Western to Fusion Wear, grooms have quite a great range of clothing to choose from. The tuxedo which often features in Hollywood movies (yes, even James Bond loves his tux!) is slowly making an appearance at Indian weddings too. So what’s so different about the tuxedo and what kind of styles does a tux come in?

Believe it or not, but tuxedos come in many styles and fits as well and that’s why there’s one tux for every body type. One of the key factors used to distinguish a tuxedo from a suit is the use of satin in different places. For instance, in a tux, you will find satin fabric used on the lapels, buttons and even in the pockets. The beauty of a tuxedo isn’t just in the cut and fit alone, the right accessories help to make a groom look even more stylish. Here are a few styles to take a pick from besides the classic style:

tuxedos for grooms

Coloured Tuxedos– Although black is the preferred colour, there’s no reason why you can’t have another great looking dark shade as well. Navy, grey, burgundy and even ivory have been spotted at weddings all over the world.

tuxedos for grooms

White Dinner Jacket- If you plan to have a wedding with a vintage theme or even a wedding with hints of the 60’s to it, then a white dinner jacket tuxedo is your best bet. Besides, being a favourite with celebrities who love wearing vintage, this smart attire when paired with black trousers and a black bow-tie looks very alluring.

tuxedos for grooms

Shawl Lapelled Tuxedo- One look at this tuxedo and it feels like the person wearing it has a shawl wrapped around his shoulders. Black shawl lapels are quite common in tuxedos and this particular style can be easily spotted by the rounded edges of the lapel.

tuxedos for grooms

Framed Lapelled Tuxedo- If you would prefer to wear a tuxedo which has a sharp contrast in terms of appearance, then a framed lapelled tuxedo is the right choice to pick. With a satin trimming just around the edges, this tuxedo option looks good and adds a subtle style to the overall outfit.

Like we said at the beginning, the right accessories can make or break the entire look so it’s important to choose the right ones. A good classy bow-tie in a single shade (if you really want to go quirky, then opt for one with a small design like polka dots) and cuff-links will add more glamour to your outfit. So, what if you don’t like the idea of a bow-tie and it makes you feel more like a school kid than a grown up adult? Just opt for a slender tie instead but make sure that it falls just over the buttons on your shirt.

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