Taming A Groomzilla Is Easy

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We hope you enjoyed going through our first article on how to handle a groomzilla. We’re back with more useful tips on taming the groomzilla:


Wedding planning should ideally be a partnership between you and the groom and that’s why it is also important not to let him take over the entire planning of the wedding. Even if he offers, it may sound like a good idea to consider, but it will only give him more room to throw his weight around. Certain decisions like what your wedding wear should be, the jewellery that you should wear, the bridal bouquet and so on should be your domain. Weddings should never be about control but making sure that you have a say as well can set the right tone for a great marriage afterwards.


‘Compromise’ is an important aspect of a good marriage and there’s no better time than now to put it into action. Wedding planning should never be about ‘I want things to be done my way’ but instead should be about ‘let’s work out a middle path’ instead. Do not make it a power struggle which will only involve two egos or more and which will also make it even more difficult for both of you to work together in the future. If he insists on playing a certain song at the reception, let him and do not make it seem like you are doing him a favour.


On the naughtier side, if your groomzilla repeatedly insists that he can do a better job of planning every wedding detail than even your wedding planner, then now may be a good time to give him all those wedding magazines to read and even to register him with our Weddingsonline.in website! Most groomzillas assume that there is nothing complicated and time consuming about wedding planning but we are quite certain that once he is truly neck deep in it, he will want to get out as fast as he can. He may even be happy to pass the baton back to you then.


The wedding may just be weeks away and there may be tons of things that haven’t been worked out yet. But it’s important to take a break from all that shopping and planning at least once a week. Why not plan a few activities that you and your partner could do together- like watching a movie, going for a spa session, going out on a dinner date or anything that you two enjoy. Just remember to avoid any conversation that is wedding related.

We hope you liked our articles on groomzillas. Stay tuned as we have more fun reading coming up for you soon.


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