A Groom’s ‘Do Not Touch’ Wedding List

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If the yet- to- happen wedding was a see-saw, the balance would be heavily tilted in favour of the bride. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that girls dream about the kind of wedding they will have when they are just little girls. So, although it’s considered perfectly fine for a bride to know every little wedding detail and to have umpteen meetings with the wedding planner and even change her mind as she pleases, there are quite a few ‘no meddle’ and ‘no discussion’ areas as far as the bridegroom is concerned. Let’s put it this way; you’ll thank us for this article!


The wedding gown, saree or any other Indian wear she chooses to be seen in on D-day is completely her choice and that’s why it’s important not to make any comments on it unless you’re complimenting her of course. If you would really like to see her wear a specific shade, drop hints about it but let her have the final say.


It’s advisable to coordinate both the bridesmaids and the groomsmen wear in some way- it could be in the fabric chosen, the colours picked could be different shades from the same colour palette, the guys and girls could each wear the same flower and so on. However, again, leave it to the girls to decide what they would like to be seen in on the all important day.


It’s assumed guys don’t know much about flowers, generally speaking! Even if you do, leave it to the wedding planner and to your bride to decide what and how they want the final floral display to look like. Sometimes trust us, ignorance is serious bliss!


It’s customary these days for the bride to pick out a song and dance to it with her bridesmaids just for the groom. Yes, you will actually be the centre of attraction and that’s just half the fun. Even if an open Bollywood style statement of love doesn’t exactly make you jump with joy, think about how much of practice your bride must have put in to look and dance her best- just for you. So, compliment her and watch her glow.




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