4 Tips On Handling A Sister In Law Who Doesn’t Like You

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Ever watched one of those family drama serials where everybody hates the new daughter in law and is out to make her life miserable? So, is it possible that real life can turn out to be one such drama where everything you do is misinterpreted or unappreciated by a vamp like sister in law?

Yes, it is and no it is not! But let’s be honest here. If you get married into a family where you get along with all the members and they treat you well, then it’s important that you consider yourself blessed and nurture those relationships further. But what happens if your future sister in law doesn’t like you and doesn’t bother in the least to hide that fact either? If you find yourself in a situation like this, you need to keep those cat claws under check and instead think of what can be done to improve you relationship with her before you get married. Here are 4 tips:

Talk To Your Hubby To Be

No, the intention isn’t to complain about his sister, but to find out more details about the kind of relationship that they share. If his sister was his best buddy until you came along, then the cattiness can be put down to possessiveness. She may be worried that her brother will put her way down the list after marriage to you, and the sarcastic remarks could be a sign of insecurity. If your guy and his sister have actually never been close and share a more platonic relationship, then you probably have much less to worry about.

Get To Know Her

You’re probably thinking- how should I make the effort to know her when I can barely stand her myself? But here’s where you need to think ahead. Nobody can turn an eye to sincere attempts of reconciliation and it would be best if you could find a few activities that you both could try out together. Sometimes, not knowing the other person well enough could be a reason for fireworks to spark and who knows- you both may actually have plenty in common too. But you’ll never know if you don’t make the first move.

Delegate Responsibility

Could it be that your sister in law is just aching to help out with the wedding planning but you’ve taken matters into your hands and that’s why she feels unwanted? Wedding planning should be a family affair and it’s a wonderful opportunity to come closer to your new family too. If you don’t like her taste in décor, then it’s still a good idea to take her for shopping with you. Let the final decision be yours but asking for an opinion will win you brownie points.

Be Nice

You may be seething with rage inside but cover it all up with a smile. Some day or the other, the ice will thaw and you’ll be glad that you handled your sister in law with maturity. Do not try to ask her directly what her problem with you is because she is likely to lie or cover up her true feelings and that could make matters worse.

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