5 Essential Oils That Enhance Your Skin Health

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Beauty and essential oils have always gone hand in hand since ages. In fact, the use of essential oils for beauty goes back to as far as 18,000 BC when ancient civilisations used medicinal oils as medicine, for preventative therapies and also for beauty and fragrance . From France to Egypt, essential oils have found their place in ancient civilisations and that is for a reason. The proven healing power of oils has made them an integral part of human lives throughout the ages. From scented barks to roots and from leaves to stalks, humans have learned to use medicinal plants to cure ailments, beautification, mummification and so on Fast forward to the present times, even today, many stores across globe keep one corner just for these essential oils. Wikipedia says that there are nearly 200 essential oils which mankind can use. Let us study the 5 best ones you need to always keep on hand…

5 Essential Oils You Must Start Using from Today

Here we have listed 10 essential oils which can do wonder to your skin if used on a regular basis.

1. Lavender

Lavender plant and its oil need no introduction. Be it its soothing scent or its flavouring properties, we are all in love with this particular medicinal plant.


  • Treats acne by controlling sebum excretion and helps reduce the acne scars.
  • Lavender is also widely used for treating skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, wrinkles etc.


You can mix lavender oil with your moisturizer, pour a few drops in your bathtub, or mix it with distilled water as your face mist.

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2. Geranium

A popular ingredient used in aromatherapy, the use of geranium oil for radiant skin dates back to ancient Egyptian civilisation. This nontoxic oil is believed to calm the nerves as well.


Extracted from the steam and leaves of the plant, geranium oil can help in-

  • Fighting wrinkles
  • Treating acne
  • Reducing skin inflammation
  • Treating eczema, dermatitis and other such dermatological issues

Furthermore, it can also help in relieving stress, reducing depression and ensuring emotional wellness.


To reduce wrinkles, add a few drops of this essential oil to the lotion and apply twice a day to get the best result. To fight skin conditions, rub the oil onto the areas and wrap the affected area with gauze.

3. Frankincense

Sourced from the resin of a tree that usually grows in Somalia, frankincense means ‘quality incense’ in French. Frankincense or olibanum is one of the essential oils which offer a range of health benefits starting from pain reduction to destressing as well as boosting immunity.


  • Being a strong astringent, Frankincense oil protects your skin cells resulting in slow signs of ageing.
  • It also lifts the skin and reduces any blemishes, stretch marks, scars and other skin conditions.


To fight wrinkles, signs of ageing and blemishes, mix 5-6 drops of frankincense oil to 30 ml of any unscented oil. Remember, you should not apply it to broken skin. (Apply it once the skin has started to heal.)

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4. Tea Tree

Perhaps the most widely known and popular among all essential oils, tea tree oil is well known for a number of benefits that especially include skin ailments.


Let’s list all the skin benefits of using tea tree essential oil-

  • Fights acne
  • Removes makeup
  • Treats dry cuticles
  • Soothes sores
  • Fights body and foot odour
  • Treats skin conditions such as psoriasis, jock itch, yeast infections


Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with 1 tbsp of olive oil and keep it in a bottle. Just dab a cotton swab in the oil and apply it to the affected areas.

5. Peppermint

Much similar to tea tree oil, you must have come across this essential oil too in the list of ingredients of a wide range of herbal cosmetics and healthcare products. And there are valid reasons behind this popularity.


  • Treats skin disorders including acne
  • Works as a moisturiser and balances oil production
  • Fights colds and coughs
  • Helps in reducing skin inflammation
  • Aids in sprains, muscle aches etc


You can directly apply Peppermint oil on your skin or you can use a cotton swab to apply it. You can also pour a few drops of this essential oil in your bathing water.

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