5 Ways To Stay Sweat Free On Your Big Day

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So, you’re getting ready to be prepped up for your wedding day and all your jewellery is in place. As well as your gorgeous wedding dress. But here’s something we bet you haven’t really thought about, let alone prepare for- ways to stay sweat free during and after the ceremony.

Sweating is your body’s natural way of keeping your skin cool, but there’s nothing nice about seeing a bride with sweat patches on her underarms. As you feel the heat flare up, there’s also a chance that your makeup may run and in general, you are likely to feel very uncomfortable. Here are— sure ways to beat the heat and to stay sweat free all through the day, even when temperatures soar:

Deodorant vs Anti-perspirant

When you watch one of those anti-germ ads featuring celebs, how often have you paid close attention to the product they are talking about? There is a difference between both these products which many to- be brides don’t know about. Deodorants simply mask body odour for a few hours whereas anti-perspirants can actually kill those very germs that cause body odour. So, you’ll not only be odour free but also stay sweat free for longer.

Chill Your Cosmetics

When choosing your cosmetics to wear on your big day, talk to your stylist about waterproof options that won’t run or fade even mid-afternoon. One of the best ways to ensure that your skin stays cool as layer after layer of makeup is applied, is by keeping all your skincare products in the fridge one night before the wedding. As the makeup is applied, your skin will love the cool sensation.

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Use Sweat Pads

You’ve heard of shoulder pads but what about sweat pads? These handy little pads which won’t be seen outside really help you stay sweat free easily. Ask your designer to sew a pair inside your sleeves so that you don’t have to stress about the pads shifting around each time you shake hands, wave or dance. If you plan on wearing long-sleeves, you could also opt for disposable sweat pads which can be changed every few hours. You’ll feel much more comfortable too.

Try Talcum Powder

Talcum powder is one of those miracle products that practically goes unpraised ever so often. A little dab can lighten old stains instantly and it also sops up liquids quite well; including sweat. Dab talcum powder liberally on your body’s sweat spots like the chest area, between the thighs, the neck and your armpits. We suggest using a powder puff for even application. Choosing a talc that has naturally cooling ingredients like menthol or sandal keeps your skin cool for longer.

Watch Your Diet

Research says that there is a link between human body sweat and the food that is consumed. We suggest going easy on the alcohol a few days before the wedding and if possible give up caffeine too. Spicy food (yes spicy Indian food too) can trigger off body sweat and certain products like garlic and onion also have much the same effect. Junk food is best avoided- stick to simple food with ample fibre that keeps you full for longer.

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