5 Ways To Present Yourself In Engagement Photos

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Couples these days are more than willing to splurge on putting together the perfect engagement photography album and are leaving no stone unturned in getting the best photos clicked. If you’re planning to get one such album done yourself, here are 5 tips to help you put your best smile forward.

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The Right Location- You don’t have to pull out your savings to fund a candid photography session in New York or in Paris just because they are regular couple haunts. An engagement photo session should have more meaning to it than just the location and that’s why we suggest going with one location or even multiple locations which mean something to the two of you. It could be at the first restaurant where you had a meal together, the site where he proposed and so on.

Wear The Right Outfits- Don’t wear just one outfit for the entire engagement photo session because there’s simply no fun in doing that. Why don’t you and your groom put together a minimum of five looks that suit you both and which you can experiment with at the time of the shoot? We suggest leaving out any dress or any garment that you personally don’t like and which you feel uncomfortable wearing. If heels aren’t your thing, ditch them and opt for a stylish pair of pumps instead. It’s important to remember that such shoots take time and not being comfortable in your clothes is the last thing you honestly want.

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Choose The Right Colours- Avoid flashy shades that look like they would look better on somebody in the 60’s, unless of course, you have already planned a theme for your photo session as well. Classic shades suit everybody and come out beautifully in photos especially if the backdrop is a colourful one. Now is actually a good time to pick out the clothes and colours you feel look great on you and to have fun in them. Another important element to factor in is the weather. Depending upon where you choose to shoot, the weather plays a huge role in determining the outcome of each click. So, check the weather report before putting your ensemble together.

Be Prepared- The camera doesn’t lie and if you’ve been partying with the girls till 3:00 am in the morning and couldn’t catch up on missed sleep, you can bet that your tired eyes and a few dark circles will show up in the photos too. It’s best to avoid alcohol the night before as it could lead to puffy eyes and dehydrated skin. When you’re posing for your engagement photo session, you want to look your best in dewy fresh and glowing skin. If you aren’t a morning person. Scheduling your photo session at a later time of the day or even early evening is a good idea to consider.

engagement photo

Photo courtesy ND Photography

Enjoy Each Click- Your engagement photo session should not be filled with snapshots of two people making every attempt possible to look like supermodels. This is the time to really let your hair down, share a joke, laugh, smile, reflect and just be yourselves. Years down the line, it won’t be the angle at which the photo was taken or even the number of hours that went into completing the session but the kind of fun and moments you shared that will be remembered. It’s a great way to bond and add a personal touch to each click.

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