How to Nail Your Engagement Photo Shoot

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So, the engagement date is already on the cards and you are clearly clueless about the engagement photo shoot. It’s not that you haven’t picturized it a hundred times in your head, but, you had no idea that it will actually give you cold feet. Now, as the engagement is knocking on your door, you are feeling jittery and the burden of expectation and nervousness getting the best of you. As you are already reading this, we can guess how much you want to know how to nail the engagement photo shoot you are going to have soon.

Here’s everything you need to do to rock your engagement photo session. Follow these 9 simple tips to get the best results-

1. Forget Pinterest

When there is absolutely no doubt that Pinterest has been a great source of inspiration and ideas for many, it’d be wise not to share your Pinterest board with the photographer. In that way, you will be compromising with every little possibility of originality in your photo shoot.

engagement photo shoot tips

2. Go Creative with Props

Go beyond “Soon to be Mr and Mrs” kind of chalkboard quotes and try something new, something unusual. Literally, sky’s the limit. You can use your pet, flowers, flat, bicycle, fishing poles and what not as props.

3. Customize It

It can be your secret to an absolutely brilliant engagement photo session. Choose a location with which you two have some special memories attached. If you have some interesting hobbies like vintage cars or anything, try to incorporate the same.

engagement photo shoot tips

4. Pick the Right Clothes

Choose clothes which compliment your personality, your style and the surroundings. You need to feel comfortable as well as confident. Coordinating with your partner’s dress is a nice idea, but, try not to colour-match it.

5. Get Your Makeup and Hair Done by Professionals

To be the star of the show, you must look like one. For a flawless face and hair, take professional help. This little investment will help a lot in making it a great photo session.

6. Clean the Ring

Do not miss this step at any cost! Make sure that you go to the engagement photo shoot with clean ring for a clear and amazing close-up ring shot. Of course, you don’t want the macro lens finding out all the hidden dust particles.

engagement photo shoot tips

7. Just be Yourself!

Posed shots are amazing, no doubt. But, candid shots are almost always the showstoppers. They say it all without saying anything. So, be yourself and be natural. That’s the best and most unique thing about you and your love story.

8. Eat Before the Photo Session

Because you don’t want to look famished and grumpy in the engagement pictures. So, make sure that you have a small meal before you head for the photo session.

9. Engage in Some PDA

This is your one fabulous chance to do all the PDA and enjoy it without worrying about public eye. People will surely swoon over the final photographs!

engagement photo shoot tips

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