6 Things Brides Forget To Do Before The Wedding Week

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The countdown to the BIG day has begun and you’re busy ticking one item after the other off your list. But even the most well prepared bride is likely to forget a few things that ought to be done before the day you have been waiting for, finally arrives. Here’s a quick checklist of a few more tasks you need to tick off your list soon:

Ok, so you tried on your wedding dress or gown when you made the actual purchase, but it’s been lying in your cupboard all neatly ironed out and you assume that it will fit you just fine as you doll up for the wedding. Leave aside all your assumptions and try on what you plan to wear again! If you’ve lost weight since you last tried it on, you may need to add a few tucks here and there. Remember that any outfit which hangs loosely on you will not do any justice to your overall ensemble.

Here’s another point to jot down on your checklist- reconfirm that your vendors are available on your wedding day, even if you have made the advance payment from your side. Simply going over the menu and discussing the arrangements one last time with your caterers is worth the effort. And, don’t forget about the baker who will be taking care of your wedding cake either. If you want any changes in the design or flavour, now is the time to address such concerns.

If you have decided to give little tokens of appreciation to your guests, then it’s good to be prepared for it beforehand itself. Don’t leave the wrapping up of presents or purchasing for the very last. As the bride to be, you will be busy and you really will not have time to follow up on whether all the gifts have been wrapped and labelled or if the macaroons you had ordered have arrived just in time.

If you plan to have a DJ to liven things up at the party, do talk to him about the kind of music you would like him to play. If he has an idea about your music taste, it makes his job easier too. Nothing is worse than paying so much to put up with music that just doesn’t make one feel like dancing!

On your wedding day, you can expect to be completely swamped with plenty of congratulatory messages on your social media dashboards, text messages and even phone calls. Agreed, that you may not be able to pay personal attention to each message, tweet or call that comes your way, but it’s important to ask a friend or a relative to take care of your phone for you till after the ceremony.

Assuming that you plan to leave for your honeymoon a day after the wedding, packing your suitcase in advance should be a ‘thing to do’ on your checklist. You aren’t likely to have time to do it properly after the ceremony. Make a small travel list before you start packing your things together.

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